Some Great Destinations For Seniors

There are many destinations in the world that are ideal for the elderly. They are on all continents and meet the objective of offering sites and activities of enormous interest, but avoiding excessive noise or stressful crowds.
Some great destinations for seniors

Older people enjoy travel as much as younger people or children. However, the usual thing is that they are attracted to destinations that are a little more relaxed or that in any case offer them a different fun to an amusement park or noisy night dances.

This does not mean that the elderly travel to lock themselves in a hotel or to take peaceful walks in the middle of the afternoon. What they need are places that arouse their curiosity, but that are not excessively boisterous or have the same dynamism that young people seek.

Of course, many older people are adventure lovers and will also enjoy extreme destinations. However, the usual thing is that they look for trips that guarantee them quality entertainment and enough tranquility to avoid surprises. What are the destinations that suit you? Here are some of them.

1. Portugal, one of the destinations for seniors

View of Porto, one of the destinations for seniors
Don Luis I Bridge in Porto

Portugal is a beautiful country, full of friendly people and great attractions. It is ideal for older people, as they will find there an excellent balance between interesting places and friendly plans. One of the most recommended places is Porto, a city with beautiful architecture, magnificent gastronomy and excellent wines.

Another highly recommended place is the Algarve region , in southern Portugal. There is excellent weather there, fabulous beaches and incredible views. In the area is the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, an ideal place for bird watching. There are also a series of caves on the seashore that are a delight to observe and explore.

2. Romania and Russia

Red square of moscu
Red square of moscu

Romania is not such a highly touted destination, but it is not without interest. In fact, it may be one of the most fascinating countries in Europe, and older people will surely appreciate its attributes. Romania has many medieval architectural gems and several cities that are World Heritage Sites such as Sibiu, Cluj Napoca or Sighisoara.

In Russia there are two cities that can be very attractive to the elderly: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Both are home to several of the most important museums in the world, as well as splendid gardens and wonderful buildings.

3. Destinations for the elderly in Latin America

Puerto Vallarta, one of the destinations for the elderly
Vallarta Port

In Latin America there are also several destinations that can attract the attention of the most demanding. One of them is Panama City, a place that has sites of enormous interest, as well as exuberant nature and magnificent security for travelers. Likewise, Cuenca, in Ecuador, could be an excellent option due to its historical attractions and its quiet atmosphere.

Other interesting alternatives are in Mexico. Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta have all the best of Mexico without a tourist influx as massive as Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Likewise, all of Cuba would be great for a vacation. And for those looking for something more exotic, Las Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic, can meet your expectations.

4. In Asia

Halong Bay in Vietnam
Halong bay

Southeast Asia is also a good alternative, in particular Thailand and Cambodia. Both countries have everything that any good traveler looks for: beautiful natural sites and great historical places of maximum interest. Also, theirs are wonderful and hospitable people who always have a smile to offer.

Vietnam is another one of those places that can meet the expectations of older travelers. There, as in few places, you can enjoy the authenticity of the culture. All over the country there are very beautiful places to behold. A walk through Halong Bay would surely be a completely unforgettable experience.

5. Other destinations for seniors

Marrakech in Morocco

For those looking for contrast and novelty, nothing better than Morocco, where everything attracts attention. It is a country that allows you to completely disconnect from the usual and has an enigmatic and striking culture.

South Africa can be an ideal destination for those who want a little more adventure. There are many safaris specialized in seniors and this could be one of those experiences that demand repetition. The African continent allows you to appreciate exotic fauna and also has impressive sites, such as the Victoria Falls.

Meanwhile, New York is one of those cities that welcomes travelers of all ages. There are plans of all kinds and for all tastes, so any trip to the Big Apple can be taken advantage of in a thousand ways. Jordan and Hungary complete our list of recommendations, both countries are more than advisable to enjoy one of those trips that leave us full.

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