Sightseeing In Briones, In La Rioja

In La Rioja everything tastes to us and we smell like wine. It also happens in the beautiful town of Briones, where a most photogenic heritage awaits us.
Sightseeing in Briones, in La Rioja

Briones is one of the most attractive towns in the autonomous community of La Rioja. It has everything to deserve a getaway. Of course, it has great gastronomy, always marinated by the wines of the most famous Denomination of Origin in Spain. And to this is added its very rich artistic heritage, perfectly integrated into very welcoming landscapes.

What to see in Briones?

Let’s start by locating the population. Briones is north of the Riojan capital, Logroño, and south of Haro, which can be considered the capital of Rioja wine.

Ebro river and vineyards
Ebro river

On the other hand, the vineyards and all the lands of Briones are watered by the curves and curves that the Ebro river makes around here, which adapts to the terrain left by the mountains that act as the natural border between La Rioja and the Basque Country.

In short, one of the first things to see in Briones is its landscapes. It is a delight to walk among the vines and from time to time make a stop at the different wineries in the town. In them, of course, we can taste their famous wines.

Through the streets of Briones

Not only can we drink a glass of wine in the wineries, in the bars and restaurants of the urban area of ​​Briones there is also the opportunity to taste these wines. And much better if it is done accompanied by the best of the local gastronomy, such as meat made on the embers of vine shoots or the exquisite lamb roasted a la Rioja.

If we add to that the best of the garden of this land, the menu is more than complete and we will have already taken all the strength to contemplate the rich heritage of Briones. Let’s take a walk through it:

1. The Church of the Assumption

Church of the Assumption in Briones
Church of the Assumption

The building that attracts the most attention is the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, located in the upper part of the nucleus. It is a 16th century temple built with the beautiful stone of the area.

It is a so-called Elizabethan Gothic church, where it is striking that its three naves are the same height. Its architecture is very attractive, as well as the different liturgical objects that it treasures in the form of reliquaries, religious images or cornucopias.

2. The walls of Briones

When arriving at Briones, as in other towns in the area such as Laguardia, the presence of the old walls is striking. Here they are kept in good condition.

On the other hand, although the castle that was there has been lost, you can still see the remains of the old keep, as well as two historical gates that have to be crossed: that of the Media Luna and that of the Villa, which we gives way to Calle Mayor.

3. Town Hall

Palace of the Marquis of San Nicolás in Briones
Palace of the Marquis of San Nicolás in Briones

A very powerful building is the palace of the Marqués de San Nicolás, which today is the town hall. Its cover is a true treatise on symmetry and the most classicist baroque art, since it was built in the 18th century following the orders of Ignacio de Elejalde, the architect and author of a long list of buildings throughout La Rioja and in the neighboring lands of Álava. .

4. More buildings of interest

Wandering around Briones is most enchanting, and fans of photography and architecture will not stop taking photos of its most striking buildings. We are talking about the old abbey, the Quincones palace, the Casa de los Arcos or the Casa de los Gadea. All are built in very well worked stone and with several centuries of history, such as the Casona de la Plaza, from the 16th century.

Although there are not only palaces and mansions to see. In Briones several hermitages await us, such as San Juan Bautista or Cristo de los Remedios, which can be reached by the Paseo de las Cercas, with incredible views of the surroundings.

5. The museums of Briones

Interior of the Museum of Wine Culture
Museum of Wine Culture

When you pass the Town Hall, you will see that you can also visit its interior, or part of it, since it is also an ethnographic museum called ‘La Casa Encantada’. It is an ideal place to see how people used to live in La Rioja, since a fantastic collection of objects has been collected to show how they worked, how they had fun, how they dressed, ate, etc.

And the other museum that should be visited is the result of the Dinastía Vivanco Winery. There, one of the best wine museums in the world has been created. It is the Museum of the Culture of Wine, where a review is given of the history of this drink and all that it has meant for mankind from so long ago, such as the time of Pharaonic Ancient Egypt.

Wine tourism in the great Museum of Wine Culture

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