Salvador, The Colorful Brazilian City

Salvador, the colorful Brazilian city

Owner of crystalline beaches, with valuable historical vestiges and a unique mix of cultures, Salvador  is a city that surprises with every step. Do not hesitate, immerse yourself with us in the charming Salvador, the colorful Brazilian city.

What to know in Salvador de Bahia

Historic Center of Peleourinho

Historic Center of Salvador
Historic Center – nicolasdecorte

You can visit several sites in Largo do Carmo, it is worth visiting the San Antonio fort, as well as the Nossa Senhora do Carmo church and convent. Also unmissable is a visit to the Municipal Square and Largo de São Francisco, where there is more history and beauty to behold.

Beaches of Salvador de Bahia

Salvador has 50 kilometers of white sands, where it is very easy to find beaches with crystalline waters in the heart of the city, with good services where you can bathe at any time of the year. The tropical temperature of the water, the spectacular maritime landscapes and the lively cultural activities characterize the Bahian coast.

Salvador de Bahia beach
Bahia Beach -ANDRE DIB

There are several beaches that are distributed between the lower city (Bahía de Todos los Santos) and the upper city (Aguas Atlánticas). Puerto de la Barra is one of the most attractive beaches in Salvador, since it is the only one in the upper city located on the bay of Todos los Santos. Praia do Forte, far from the center, also dazzles with its ecological riches.

Undoubtedly,  something you cannot stop doing is tasting its cuisine based on fish and seafood in some of the restaurants located on the beach, while enjoying unparalleled views.

Churches of Salvador

Churches are found throughout Salvador, including the Cathedral of El Salvador and  the Church and Convent of San Francisco with an impressive baroque interior.

Salvador Cathedral
Salvador Cathedral – Anthony Correia /

The entrance to the church is an offering place for these beautiful bracelets.

If you keep the bracelet, tie three knots and make a wish on each one. The chosen color defines the requested desire and, in a hidden way, the veneration of one of the Orixás. It is not worth removing it, it has to fall by itself for your wish to be fulfilled.

The Model Market

In this huge market you can soak up the most colorful of Bahian traditions. With almost a century of life, it is full of art and craft shops, as well as some typical bars and restaurants.

Lake Tororó

Tororo Lake in Salvador
Tororo Lake – Filipe Frazao /

Lake Tororó is the sacred area for the practitioners of the ancient Cabdomblé religion, practiced by the African slaves who settled in Salvador de Bahía. In the center of the lake you can find eight sculptures corresponding to their Orixás deities.

Praia do Forte

It is an old fishing village, a small town that lives off tourism, where you can find many souvenir shops, Brazilian bathing suits, local crafts and a lot of kindness and sympathy from the people of Bahia.

Castle of García D’Ávila

Castillo García D´Avila in Salvador
Castillo García D´Ávila – Nessa Gnatoush

Located at the top of a mountain, this castle is surrounded by coconut trees and with Praia do Forte in the background. The García D’Ávila castle corresponds to the remains of the oldest Portuguese military construction in Brazil and is accompanied by the small chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción.

The island of Itaparica

I taparica is a beautiful island near Bahia full of colonial charms in harmony with paradisiacal beaches.  It is made up of two municipalities, Itaparica and Vera Cruz, known for their tourist excellence. They are one of the favorite destinations for an excursion from Salvador de Bahia for its healing waters and its beautiful coral reefs.

Salvador, “the city of joy” with a festive atmosphere framed by its streets that dance to the rhythm of samba or bossa nova. Culture, folklore, gastronomy and religion mix in Salvador. What are you waiting for to come and meet her?

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