Rupit, We Visit A Charming Town In Barcelona

Rupit, we visit a charming town in Barcelona

Rupit is a town in the province of Barcelona and that, like the best treasures, remains hidden and almost unknown to most people. However, those who come to this small town hardly forget it. And it is that Rupit , whose full name is Rupit i Pruit, proposes a trip back in time to take us back to the years of the Middle Ages. Follow us and we do this journey together.

Where is Rupit

Rupit Houses
Rupit – Jordi Santacana Figuerola

The town of Rupit is approximately 100 kilometers from the Ciudad Condal, and belongs to the Osona region, practically bordering Garrotxa. In other words, Rupit i Pruit is an inland town, where you will be surprised not only by its historic center, but also by the mountain environment that surrounds the town.

You can’t hear cars in Rupit

Square in Rupit

One of the sensations that one feels immediately in Rupit is that it is a place where people move on foot. No cars, no noise, no exhaust pipes. Here you walk through cobbled streets, which are sometimes the same rock on which the population sits.

And that there are no cars means that its streets are somewhat “complicated”, something to take into account when choosing footwear for this trip. And we are not going to deceive you, the visit to Rupit is a continuous up and down, with slopes, stairs and ramps. Therefore, forget about the aesthetics in the shoes and opt for the most useful and comfortable, you will end up thanking it.

The beauty of Rupit

Rupit street
Rupit Street – GeNik

But you can be very sure that this essential effort to walk through its streets is worth it. The views of the town itself or the details that are seen in its traditional architecture are a delight for the senses.

And the same goes for the panoramic view it offers over the nearby mountains and over the river that irrigates the lower and most fertile part of the town. One of those images that it is impossible not to photograph a thousand times.

The sights in Rupit

Church of Rupit
Rupit -funkyfrogstock

The most impressive thing about the town is its set of buildings, but that does not mean that there are several sites that deserve special attention. For example, it is necessary to stop before the sobriety of its Romanesque church of the eleventh century.

It is also highly recommended to take two very evocative walks. One for the old cemetery or the Fossar. And the other is among the ruins of the medieval castle, contemporary of the parish church and that belonged to the Cardona family, which took advantage of the rock itself to raise its fortress.

In addition, those who visit this town must dare to cross its suspension bridge. A structure whose name says it all, so those who suffer from vertigo may suffer a bit from the feeling of instability.

However, this bridge is perfectly safe. Of course, heed the recommendation that it is not wise for there to be more than 10 people on the structure at the same time. Just in case!

An excursion from Rupit i Pruit

Salt de Sallent in Rupit
Salt de Sallent – Aires de Muntanya /

Contemplating the town, with its stone houses, with its Plaza Mayor, the dates of each house engraved on the entrance lintels, or entering its restaurants and trying its wonderful sausages is a pleasure. But once you get to Rupit, your thing is to put on your boots and go on an excursion to a really fantastic enclave.

We are talking about the Salt de Sallent, a spectacular waterfall up to which there is a very pleasant path, which can even be extended to the dels Bassis viewpoint that offers incredible views of the environment. And all this with a very easy walk and just 7 kilometers long. A luxury!

You have already seen it, Rupit is a beautiful medieval town that is worth visiting. A place where you will feel that you have gone back in time and to which you will want to return.

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