Reindeer In Scotland: A Great Experience

Scotland’s natural wonders are almost countless. These lands are famous for their lakes, their forests, their meadows. Well, now we are going to meet the reindeer of the Cairngorms National Park.
Reindeer in Scotland: a great experience

Did you imagine that during a trip to Scotland you could find yourself surrounded by a herd of wild reindeer? If possible. And do not be scared, because they are the most friendly reindeer, which can even come up to you to eat from your hand. Where? Inside the Cairngorms National Park. You dare?

Reindeer in Scotland!

Almost all of us associate these gigantic deer with more northern landscapes, such as the lands of Lapland, where it is common to visit reindeer farms, and even Santa Claus circulates in a sleigh pulled by these animals. In fact, it should be clarified that the reindeer from Scotland that we want to talk about are originally from Scandinavia.

More specifically, they were brought from Norway in the middle of the last century, in the hope that they would become accustomed to these landscapes and could develop within a specific area of ​​the Cairngorms National Park. The reindeer introduction was certainly a success, as we can now discover in the Glenmore Forest area.

Many tourists flock to see reindeer in Scotland.

A hiking walk through Glenmore

Scotland is a country of incredible natural spaces; just remember its famous Highlands to see it. However, the Cairngorms National Park is not far behind. In fact, it is the largest national park in the whole of the UK and has many attractive attractions.

Among them, you can choose to do a hiking route, much better guided, to get to the area where the Glenmore reindeer live. The guided tour is recommended because these experts will take us without problems to the appropriate forest area, and they know how to call the reindeer to come close to people.

In addition to seeing reindeer, we can go hiking in Scotland's Cairngorm National Park.

And not only that, they also carry a kind of perfect cereal feed for them to eat. As we already mentioned, they have no qualms about doing it from the visitors’ own hand.

Without a doubt, it is a real surprise to be so close to these animals, which can be of an imposing size. Despite the fact that they are very friendly and not aggressive, you have to follow the guides’ recommendations; basically, it is about not scaring them and, above all, not touching their antlers, something that can enrage them.

More things to see and do in Cairngorms

As we have said, the Cairngorms National Park is the largest in Scotland and in the whole of the United Kingdom. And not only that, it is also one of the highest territories, since some of the highest peaks of the island are concentrated here. Therefore, it is also the best area in Great Britain for skiing.

Our advice is that you prepare your stay in this area from one of the most beautiful and also funniest cities in Scotland: Edinburgh. After enjoying that city, you can completely change the environment and look for a good accommodation in the Cairngorms area, because it will not disappoint you.

Besides hiking to discover a herd of reindeer or skiing, there are other things to do. If fauna is your thing, along the walks you will be able to see endless raptors and the traces of species as rare as the wild cat.

Likewise, it is possible to visit the attractive place of Aviemore, where we can ride a steam train to tour the area. Likewise, it is advisable to visit the Lake of the Island or Loch an Eilein. It is not very big, but it is most photogenic, with that central islet dominated by the ruins of a castle.

Loch an Eilend, a spectacular landscape in Scotland.

And one last curiosity, have you seen the successful series The Big Bang Theory ? If so, surely you are familiar with the famous Higgs Boson that Sheldon Cooper mentions so much. Well, the true physicist Peter Higgs was inspired by these parts of the Cairngorms National Park to devise such a theory of physics. Who knows what Scotland will inspire for you?

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