Port Moresby: Sights And Traditions

The capital of Papua New Guinea is an exceptional place to learn about the rich culture and traditions of this country.
Port Moresby: sights and traditions

Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea and the main gateway to this country from Oceania. So everyone who travels to this territory will have to pass through here. That is why we are going to give you a few hints of what awaits you in this city.

Port Moresby and its tourist infrastructure

Within the expanse of Papua New Guinea, with the exception of a few fairly exclusive resorts, Port Moresby is truly the best place for visitors. So it is a good place for you to find hotels, as well as restaurants with different types of food.

However, we have to warn you. Port Moresby, despite the low standard of living in most of Papua New Guinea, is not a cheap place for tourists. Quite the opposite.

In this way, if you are traveling on a tight budget, it is best to accommodate local customs as much as possible so that the stay is economical.

Sleep and eat like the locals

View of Port Moresby
Port Moresby – Kiwi Rip / Flickr.com

That is, it is possible to find accommodation in private homes, in the vast majority of cases only in exchange for the will. It’s a good way to see how modestly the people of Port Moresby live.

But it is clear that staying in this way should not expect any luxury. Just as you will not have it if you make use of other very popular types of accommodation, those that are made in the churches.

And the same happens if we buy food in their markets or eat in the places that prepare it. The menu will be cheap, but almost always the same: dishes based on sweet potatoes and fish, sometimes grilled and almost always in the form of dry crackers.

See local Papua New Guinea crafts

Typical handicrafts of Papua New Guinea
Typical Crafts – Voyages Lambert / Flickr.com

In these markets, such as Ela Beach, it is easy to see samples of the interesting local ceramic tradition. However, if you are very interested in this topic, the place where you will enjoy the most will be the National Museum.

In this museum you can see a huge collection of Papua New Guinean handicrafts. And do not forget that this is a country where hundreds of cultural groups coexist, each with its own traditions.

The National Museum not only gives a complete overview of the country’s craft traditions. There are also rooms dedicated to the most varied ethnographic themes. From its gastronomy to the elaboration of shields or ritual masks. In other words, it is the best place to get to know the culture of Papua New Guinea.

Stroll through the Port Moresby Botanical Gardens

If culture is discovered in the National Museum, everything related to Papua New Guinea’s plant richness will be seen in the Botanical Garden. Another of the great tourist attractions of Port Moresby.

Of course, not only travelers go here. It is also common to find wedding couples taking photos of their wedding report, taking advantage of these beautiful landscaped spaces.

Discover the local fauna

Crocodile in the Port Moresby Reserve
Crocodile – Valerie Hukalo / Flickr.com

And to finish the review, and after enjoying the local flora, his thing is to dare to know the tropical fauna of the island. The best place you can go is the Moitaka Animal Life Sanctuary. There you will be impressed by the huge number of birds that inhabit these lands.

Of course, don’t just look at the sky and the treetops. You also have to look at the ground, since one of the most common species is crocodiles, which are abundantly present here.

Anyway, these are the key elements for your trip to Port Moresby. A site that will surprise you in countless aspects, from prices to customs.

A place that is worth discovering, although yes, you have to be very careful, since we are talking about one of the most insecure cities on the planet. A fact that never hurts to know.

Discover Papua New Guinea, a fascinating country

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