Pitigliano, Fall In Love With This Cobbled Town In Italy

Pitigliano, fall in love with this cobbled town in Italy

Pitigliano, in the Italian province of Grosseto, is part of Tuscany, and it is clearly not the most famous place in that region. However, we want to introduce you to this town that is off the beaten track, which has the advantage that anyone who comes here has the feeling of having discovered a true jewel of history and art. And to a large extent, it is.

How to get to Pitigliano

We already warned you, it is not easy to get to this Tuscan town. But like everything that is not easy, once it is achieved, the reward is worth it. And not only because of the destination, but also because of the arrival route.

To set foot in Pitigliano it is only possible to go by road, either with your own car, with a rental vehicle or on local buses that leave from Grosseto or Ortobello, which do have a train station. Or from Florence itself. Either way the road is slow, but a delight for the views of the Tuscan landscape.

Pitigliano on top of the hill

View of Pitigliano
Pitigliano – Ovi Gherman / Flickr.com

As we approach Pitigliano, its historic center is discovered on the typical porous rock hills of the area. A rock that blends its color with that of the town’s buildings, which seems camouflaged with the environment.

But in addition, that hill and the porosity of the rock allow it to be pierced by numerous underground rooms, which have become wineries where to store and taste the good white wines of the area, with the Pitigliano appellation.

Stroll around Pitigliano

Pitigliano houses
Pitigliano – Sampo Sikiö / Flickr.com

The size of the population makes it move quickly, but we recommend you walk slowly through its cobbled streets. It is the way to soak up all its essence and history, in which the presence of Jews in the past has great importance, so much so that it became known as Little Jerusalem by the locals.

But in addition to walking, seeing and photographing its historical heritage, you also have to look at the different viewpoints provided by its elevated settlement, in order to enjoy the most suggestive views. One of those viewpoints that you cannot miss is the walkway that runs from Via Santa Chiara to Plaza de la República.

The entrance into Pitigliano

Pitigliano fortress
Fortaleza Orsini – Diego Pino García / Flickr.com

To access the old town, you have to go through an old door that leads directly to piazza Petruccioli. That is the starting point of any tour of Pitigliano.

Right there is the Orsini Palace, which today is transformed into an archaeological museum, but in which, above all, you have to visit its beautiful courtyard with a hexagonal well that carried the water to these heights.

Later during the walk through the town you will discover another place with the same surname as this palace. It is the Orsini Fortress, which is at the end of the incredible Medicean aqueduct, whose grandiose arches have carried water since the 16th century.

More tourist attractions of Pitigliano

View of Pitigliano
Pitigliano – Rolf Schmitz / Flickr.com

As in any Italian town, its Catholic churches are always interesting, and in this case you have to go to the Cathedral of San Pedro and San Pablo, with an ornate Baroque interior.

However, not everything is Catholic here. We have already told you about the Hebrew population of the past, and of course you have to visit what was the Jewish Quarter. There you can still admire the old synagogue, as well as the vestiges of the baths, the Jewish oven or the Kasher butcher shop.

You’ve already seen it, Pitigliano is a little gem worth visiting. Do not hesitate to deviate from your path if you find yourself near this town, you will be irretrievably in love with it. Sure!

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