Pianemo Island Of Indonesia. The Most Beautiful View In The World?

A whole collection of green islets in deep turquoise waters. They say that the view from Pianemo is one of the most beautiful in the world.
Pianemo Island of Indonesia.  The most beautiful view in the world?

Pianemo Island, in Indonesia’s small Fam archipelago, is easy to visit. Even more so compared to some of its sister islets. And the reason for that visit is that from here you can see one of the most spectacular views that can be seen in this area of ​​the planet.

Before the eyes appears a wonderful set of islets, sea, green and blue. A landscape that for many is not only the most beautiful thing to see in Indonesia, there are those who think it is the most beautiful sight in the world.

The climb to the Pianemo island viewpoint

Pianemo viewpoint
Pianemo viewpoint

When you arrive at this place, the viewpoint is so famous that as soon as you disembark you feel like starting the ascent. It is very well signposted and the only distraction is the local vendors who will wait for you at the beginning of the road. They will offer you a little of everything, from crafts to food in the form of lobsters or crabs.

They will also offer you coconut water. Something that does not hurt to try to cool off in this hot and humid climate. In addition, it is still a climb. It is not very long, but in these latitudes you always have to hydrate, and even more so if you are going to make any effort.

Do not be scared because the stairs and steps with wooden platforms are a real delight for tourists. And once up, the view is magical.

Pianemo Island within Raja Ampat

View of Pianemo Island
Pianemo Island

When talking about Indonesia as a tourist destination, places like Bali or Komodo may come to mind. Undoubtedly, these are the most international and most exploited tourist sites.

However, the number of islands is practically infinite in this country straddling Asia and Oceania. They are authentic extensions of islets in three time slots and with the most varied qualities.

Well, one of those groups of islands is what is known as Raja Ampat. There is Pianemo Island. Possibly, next to the island of Wayang, the most accessible of all this territory.

Actually, we are talking about a group of islands barely exploited by tourism. At least because of the mass tourism and backpacking common in other areas of Southeast Asia. Here there are tourist establishments, but almost always luxury.

Staying in Raja Ampat

Then we are going to tell you how to get to Pianemo Island, but if you already want to know this wonder of the world, first we are going to inform you about places to stay. You have basically three options.

The first is to book your stay at a resort on these islands. Expensive option and that you will have to look for on the Internet. Another possibility is to plant yourself in the area and contact homestays , that is, stay without luxuries in private homes. It is the cheapest, but it can also be difficult to find one.

And finally, another option for the wealthiest is to book a stay on a boat. There are agencies that offer it and, in addition, it is the way to get around this beautiful corner.

Get to Pianemo Island

Boats in Pianemo
Boats in Pianemo

In these boats or in other excursion boats hired in a resort is how you will have to get to Pianemo Island. It can only be reached by browsing.

But we have to warn that before boarding you will have to land at the airport that brings tourists to Raja Ampat. It’s the Waisai airport. We warn you that we are in Indonesia and that it is easy for you to take up to three planes to get there.

An ordeal? Probably not. Keep in mind that these flights in small planes fly over the many archipelagos that make up the Indonesian extension. They are incredible views for that conjunction of ocean and evergreen islets.

You will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the heights. In reality, it is nothing more than a preview of what is then seen at ground level from the famous Pianemo Island viewpoint. A place that, according to the privileged people who have enjoyed it, is the best view in the world. You will have to go there to confirm it!

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