On A Photographic Safari In The Kruger Park

It is the largest national park in South Africa. It can be visited on your own, but also on organized safaris that include accommodation.
On a photographic safari in the Kruger Park

Kruger Park was the first national park in South Africa, and today it remains the largest. In addition, it has been extended to the territories of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is an exciting natural space, perfectly prepared for tourists, who at times feel like authentic explorers. You dare?

The “Big Five” in Kruger Park

Rhinos in Kruger Park
Rhinos in Kruger Park

Here you will have that feeling of being in a wild place where you are going to live the adventure of your life. That is surely the best memory of the visit to the Kruger Park.

But then there are the material memories that you bring back from there. That is, you will return with hundreds of photos in which you show that you have seen mythical animals. Among them, the “Big Five”: elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and lions.

There are many more: zebras, hippos, wildebeest, antelopes, giraffes, cheetahs … And the good thing about Kruger Park is that you really will see them in a wild state. The amount of fauna in this place is such that if you intend to do a photographic safari, this has to be your destination.

Different areas of the Kruger Park

Buffaloes in Kruger Park
Buffaloes in Kruger Park

The vast Kruger Park is for the most part a public area. But there are also private areas, in which above all more traditional safaris are made. I mean, hunts. These are areas that are indicated, but for reasons of the movement of animals, there is no fence between some spaces and others. So you have to be attentive to the indications.

In its limits there are several entrances enabled in a schedule that goes from dawn to dusk. Outside of those hours, it is not possible to enter, and the entrance is paid right there. Unless you have the Wild Card, which gives access to all South African parks.

That payment is made by all those who travel on their own to the park. Something that is possible. Although there are also organized trips that include more professional safaris and where accommodation within the park is included. This last option is more expensive, but it has its advantages, as we will see below:

On a free photography safari in Kruger

Kruger park safari in South Africa
Kruger Park Safari

If you have rented a car in South Africa, you can enter the Kruger Park on your own. And you can even find accommodation in one of the camps inside the protected area. Or if you prefer, it is also possible to come and go every day of your stay.

This option is the most economical. And there are many people who do it, because really just by following the maps it is easy to spot the fauna that you are so eager to photograph. However, certain rules must be observed. Among them, do not get off the vehicle except in designated areas.

You will only be able to circulate on the main roads, which reduces the possibility of spotting animals. In addition, they can become overcrowded at certain times, if for example a herd of elephants or giraffes is discovered. Anyway, it is the cheapest way to visit the Kruger Park and it does not disappoint.

On a photographic safari hired by Kruger

Kruger Park Safari
Kruger Park Safari

The above formula must be tried, since you have a feeling of immense freedom. But it must also be said that we can combine the free visit with the hiring of a safari that includes accommodation and meals within the Kruger Park.

The experience is most enriching, among other things because it is accompanied by expert guides who guarantee the sighting of the “Big Five”, and many other animals. They know perfectly the secondary roads where lions or zebras will be seen. They never fail.

In addition, different types of safaris are offered. For example, the nocturnal ones, which give the opportunity to live a unique experience. Of course, everything has a price!

Some tips for traveling to the Kruger Park

Entering the Kruger Park aims to spot and photograph animals. That is, you have to go there with good binoculars and a camera. It is not valid with the mobile. Take a good camera, if you don’t have it, ask to borrow it, because if you don’t you will regret it.

And before making the trip, it is advisable to go to an international vaccination center to be informed of the health situation in the area at that time. And if necessary they will vaccinate you and they will tell you what medications you should bring. They will also inform you of the mosquito repellants that should not be missing in your luggage.

Travel, enjoy Kruger, but do it safely!

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