Mijas, A Charming Town On The Costa Del Sol

Located on the slopes of a mountain range, Mijas is a town of white houses and flowers on the facades. In addition, it has a piece of coastline with wonderful beaches.
Mijas, a charming town on the Costa del Sol

The Malaga town of Mijas is part of the Costa del Sol. And that is a surprising fact, given that Mijas Pueblo is located at an altitude of more than 400 meters above sea level. But that does not prevent that, given its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it has become a must-see for all tourists who come to the coast of Malaga.

Where is Mijas

Mijas street
Mijas Pueblo – Alex Tihonovs

Mijas is located a short distance from places like Fuengirola or Marbella, emblems of the Costa del Sol. Only a few kilometers by road separate it from these tourist centers. But it is an ascending road, since it goes up through the mountains that makes this maritime area have a privileged climate.

In other words, it is a mountain town with magnificent views of the coastline. And not only that, but the municipality itself has the so-called nucleus of Mijas Costa, where you can enjoy spectacular beaches. But we will talk about that later, now we will mention the charms of Mijas Pueblo.

The urban center of Mijas

The first reason to be able to say that Mijas is a charming town is the appearance of its whole. It is a nucleus in the foothills of the mountains with the white of the most typical Andalusian lime. A labyrinth of streets that constantly attracts visitors to the Costa del Sol, since the most traditional essences of the area are kept here.

By taxi-donkey through Mijas

Sculpture tribute to the donkey in Mijas
Tribute to the donkey – Alex Tihonovs

That walk through the town can be done on foot. But there is a way that is the most beloved and traditional. It is in the so-called taxi-donkeys, the means of transport that has been used since time immemorial in the place, to move through such a broken territory.

Today they are still offered to visitors, and of course those who travel with children to Mijas cannot miss it.

The viewpoint of the wall

Mountain viewpoint in Mijas
Viewpoint of the wall – Valery Bareta

One of the points that this walk will take you to is the viewpoint on the coast that opens in the gardens of the old wall. It is an enclave that the Muslims already occupied, seeing from there a large part of the Malacitan coastline. Even if the day is clear, the African coast will be seen in front and the Rock of Gibraltar to the west.

Although, whatever the clarity of the day, what is sure to be distinguished is the church of the Immaculate Conception. A temple built here in the 16th century not only to attract the faithful, but also to be a refuge in case of invasions or attacks.

Mijas bullring

In the province of Malaga there are very famous bullrings, such as Ronda. But the one in Mijas is also well known, especially for its particular oval shape. A bullring that also has an outstanding antiquity, since it was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Max’s Wagon

Mijas Miniatures Museum
Museum of Miniatures – Artemis Desteredes / Flickr.com

One of the most emblematic attractions of Mijas is known as Carromato de Max or Museum of Miniatures. The very shape of the wagon already invites us to take a trip with our imagination, and for this the miniatures of buildings from all over the world at a miniscule scale help us even more.

For example, those who take advantage of their holidays in this area of ​​Andalusia to see Granada and the Alhambra, in Mijas may have a different view of the great Nasrid palace, since it is reproduced on a pinhead.

More attractive

Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña in Mijas
Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña – red-eye

The places of interest in the town do not end here. There is also the CAC or Contemporary Art Center, where ceramic works by the most universal from Malaga are exhibited: Picasso.

Or you can see an old flour mill or the hermitage of the Virgen de la Cueva, carved out of the rock. Anyway, a bit of everything, but the time has come to cool off on the seashore.

The beaches of Mijas

La Cala de Mijas
La Cala de Mijas – alexilena

Within the municipal term is the area of ​​Mijas Costa, the one that has grown the most due to tourism development. And it is that also here, as is usual on the Costa del Sol, you can enjoy a calm sea and a privileged microclimate. So Mijas can be a fantastic vacation destination for those who love the beach.

Here La Cala de Mijas or Calahonda awaits you, famous for their golden sands and spectacular bathing areas. But there are also smaller beaches, such as Cabo Rocoso in a most photogenic enclave of cliffs. Or the Bombo beach, which invites you to dive. Or the Faro, quiet but with essential beach bars.

Do you need more reasons to travel to Mijas?

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