Meet The Most Exotic Fruits Of Mexico

Maybe you’ve tried them, or maybe you’ve never heard of them. In any case, these fruits are delicious and worth taking.
Meet the most exotic fruits of Mexico

Surely you have ever passed through the greengrocer section of your supermarket and you have been curiously looking at some products that you did not know. Did you know that there are exotic fruit species that are very typical in other countries? Would you like to know them? Next, we are going to show you which are the most exotic fruits of Mexico.

These are the most exotic fruits of Mexico

Mexico is one of the leading countries in the production of fruits and where many of the species that we know come from. If you feel like trying the most exotic fruits of Mexico, you would be surprised to know that your shopping list can get really long. These are the most special species in the country!

1. Pitahaya

Pitahaya, one of the most exotic fruits of Mexico

It is known as the “dragon” fruit because of its shape and appearance. Although many think that it was born in Vietnam, this wonder was born in Mexico, only that its consumption is popular there.

It is an important source of natural antioxidants and Omega 3, so its benefits are more than clear for health.

It comes from a species of cactus, perhaps that is why its appearance reminds us a bit of those plants, except for the pink color. Now, what does pitahaya taste like? There are many who say that it is a mix between strawberry and pear. Hmm!

2. Tuna

Tuna, one of the most exotic fruits of Mexico

If we hear this word, we may think of university music bands, although in Mexico it is much more than that. The tuna is one of the most exotic fruits of Mexico,  but it is little known outside the country. And it’s a shame… because it’s delicious!

Prickly pears come from a tree called nopal. They can have several colors : yellow, orange, pink or green, and although their appearance reminds us of a potato with diamonds, it is much more than that.

It was used in traditional medicine against intestinal problems, and today it is valued for its source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

3. Mamey

Mamey pieces

Perhaps this is one of the most exotic fruits of Mexico that you can know, since its use is quite popular in other countries. However, it is originally from here, and little by little it has spread throughout the world. It is a seasonal fruit and its color is dark on the outside and salmon on the inside.

The mamey is often referred to as the lava fruit because of its colors. After opening its hard shell, the inside is sweet and refreshing. Like a volcano, but with freshness. Enjoy it!

4. Nanche

Dish with nanche

It is known that the Mayans worshiped the nanche tree, a more exotic fruit from Mexico, something that is not surprising at all. It is a small, orange and showy fruit. In addition to feeding, it is an ingredient in many liqueurs and is even used for dyeing.

It is an important source of vitamins C and K, which is added to strengthen our bones and make us grow healthy. It may be as small as an olive, but it tastes sweet and pleasant.

5. Zapotes

Zapotes, one of the most exotic fruits of Mexico

They come in many colors: black, yellow or white and in very varied shapes: similar to tomatoes, more or less oval … In short, the same species, different flavors and different properties.

Black sapotes, for example, are shaped like tomatoes and their flavor resembles cocoa. Whites are more oval, green on the outside and white on the inside, and have relaxing properties. While  the yellow sapotes are the sweetest, and accompany many desserts such as cakes or jams.

6. Tejocote

Tejocotes from Mexico

Finally, this is one of the most exotic fruits in Mexico and Guatemala. Popular and impossible not to know it if you decide to travel to Mexico. Although there it is known as “la manzanita” because of its shape.

It is a fruit with a very different flavor from the one we know. It is bittersweet and is yellow / orange in color. There it is used as the main ingredient in Christmas punch. In addition, it has a lot of calcium, iron and vitamin C.

What did you think of all these gifts from Mother Nature? I wish we always had them in our supermarkets and we could enjoy their taste, right? If you are going to travel to Latin America, take your chance to try as many as you can !

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