Mdina: A Beautiful Medieval Walled City In Malta

It was the capital of Malta, and from that era of splendor it preserves really wonderful corners. Mdina is a place that takes us back in time.
Mdina: a beautiful medieval walled city in Malta

If you want to know an authentic medieval walled city, you must visit Mdina. You will also discover a beautiful country. And it is that, the cultural and patrimonial wealth of Malta is enormous. This city that we are going to visit is just one example. Would you like to discover it with us?

The past of the Maltese archipelago, especially its main island, has left marvelous constructions from many different eras. Here you will find places where time seems to have stopped, as is the case of the walled city of Mdina, which we are going to visit.

Tour the medieval walled city of Mdina

Medina in Malta
Entrance to Mdina

Founded by the Phoenicians, this city will immediately dazzle you. It was the capital of Malta for a long time and today its streets take everyone who steps back several centuries ago. If you like movies with a historical setting, in Mdina you will feel like the protagonist of one of them.

Known as the “city of silence”, this town still remembers the atmosphere of what could be a settlement in medieval times. The tranquility associated with its concept of the city of silence is greatly helped by the shortage of neighbors, since they do not reach half a thousand.

Its main characteristic, at first glance, is the particular light brown color of its buildings, which is enhanced by sunlight. In this way, here you can enjoy magical moments. And so special is that scenes from the famous Game of Thrones series have been shot in Mdina.

There are several points to recommend in this incredible medieval walled city. But, to enjoy it,  the best thing is to walk quietly through its streets. Thus, in addition to the main monuments, you will know the little secrets that each of its buildings hides.

Visit to the Cathedral of San Pablo

St. Paul's Cathedral of Mdina
San Pablo’s cathedral

During your visit to Mdina you have to dedicate at least an hour to see the Cathedral of Saint Paul. It was built between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries to replace the old cathedral, destroyed after an earthquake in 1693.

Some elements of the previous construction that survived the catastrophe are still preserved in the temple. Among them,  the paintings showing the conversion of Saint Paul and the frescoes in the apse stand out.

It is also interesting to visit the museum of the cathedral. In it you can see remains that remain of the old building. And it also displays a collection of coins from different eras.

Other Attractions in Mdina

Mdina street
Mdina street

In addition to strolling through the streets of this medieval walled city and visiting the cathedral, there is much more to do. It is essential to visit the Falson Palace, built at the end of the 15th century. A sample of the lifestyle of the medieval nobility and that has survived the passage of time and the earthquake that toppled the cathedral.

In Mdina we find other emblematic buildings, such as the Vilhena palace or the convent and the Carmelite church. They are all fine examples of the medieval architecture that endures in what was once Malta’s most prosperous city.

Neighboring Rabat

View of Rabat in Malta
View of Rabat

Once we have enjoyed Mdina, the proximity to Rabat forces us to discover its charms. It is a town that was once a suburb of Mdina and that hides interesting corners.

The best known place is the Catacombs of San Pablo. It is a burial place during Roman times. They are not as big as others of the time, but they have the value that they have been perfectly preserved.

If you are not especially fearful and do not suffer from claustrophobia, it is worth walking the corridors of what is one of the best preserved underground cemeteries in the world. And you can also visit the catacombs of Santa Ágata, which hide a small basilica.

In Rabat, you should also visit the church of San Pedro. Below it are caves in which the apostle is said to have hidden himself. The Wignacourt Museum or the Bernard mansion are also worth a visit.

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