Map Of Portugal, Find Your Next Destination

Portugal is a country with great attractions, from historic cities to incredible beaches or natural spaces of great value. We are going to visit some of them.
Portugal map, find your next destination

Find a map of Portugal and look at it carefully. There you can find the next destination for your vacation or for a shorter getaway. You do not know where to go or what awaits you there? Relax, next, we are going to give you some tips so that you can prepare a trip to Portugal.

Map of Portugal : its greatest charms

Without a doubt, the most universal tourist reference in Portugal is its capital: Lisbon. That is why we are hardly going to talk to you about it. Among other things because in you can find many other articles with more specific information about the abundant attractions of Lisbon.

So now we will give you other reasons to explore the map of Portugal. Motifs in the form of the most interesting cities, surprising landscapes, unique monuments or beaches where you can take a dip in the Atlantic.

1. Porto

Porto city
Porto – ESB Professional

Since we have named Lisbon and we have told you that we will talk about interesting cities, it is obligatory to mention Porto. The second city of the country.

There, a monumental city awaits you , bathed by the Duero and where you have to wear good shoes to go up and down its abundant slopes and stairs. But the reward is worth it, since discovering Porto is one of the great delights that a trip to the north of the Portuguese country provides.

2. Guimaraes

Guimaraes Castle in Portugal
Guimaraes Castle – Adwo

Also in the north of Portugal is this other city of Guimaraes, much smaller than Porto, but it is here where the authentic origins of the current Portuguese state are found. And more specifically in the medieval castle that rises above the city, since the first Portuguese king was born there.

However, the most spectacular monument in Guimaraes is the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança.  A magnificent building that is one of the most acclaimed in Portugal and whose visit becomes a must.

3. Around the capital of Portugal

Arrabida – anabananasplit /

Lisbon certainly deserves a getaway, and the longer the better. But as we have promised, we will not talk about the capital. Instead, we want to suggest you discover its surroundings. There, places as special as the Estoril beaches await you, one of the most famous coastal areas in the country.

Also on the coast is the attractive town of Setúbal, which is well worth a visit. But above all, you have to come here to discover one of the most attractive landscape areas in Portugal. It is the Arrabida Natural Park, on the shores of the ocean. Do not forget to take your hiking boots to take a good walk through these places.

4. Sintra

Palacio da Pena on the map of Portugal

When talking about the surroundings of Lisbon, we must also mention one of the first-rate tourist centers in Portugal. It is about Sintra. Here you will find the mysterious Quinta da Regaleira or the National Palace.

But if there is one place that stands out, it is the Palacio da Pena. A constructive delusion that mixes any possible style, ornamental detail and color. A place that is difficult to describe, since it is the maximum expression of kitsch , but yes, with good taste and with a natural setting worth visiting.

5. The Tras Os Montes region

Bragança in Portugal
Braganzça – ruigsantos

And after naming one of the best-known places in Portugal, we invite you to enter a much less famous and traveled territory. That is why it can be a fascinating visit.

We are talking about the natural landscapes of the Tras Os Montes area. A traditionally isolated area, in the interior, which has kept all its charms. Many of them protected within the Montesinho Natural Park.

6. The Algarve

Luxury destinations for Santa Santa, Algarve
Algarve – Oliver Clarke /

We finish this very quick tour of the map of Portugal visiting its entire southern area. An area that corresponds to the Alentejo and also to the great beach emblem of the Portuguese country: the Algarve.

But here there are many more things than the famous beaches of Faro or Portimao, among which the spectacular Praia da Rocha stands out, where more than bathing we will want to take a thousand and one photos. Something similar to what happened to us in the beautiful coastal town of Carvoieiro.

Although as we say there are more things than beaches. For example, there are the cliffs of the spectacular Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park, which by its name we can deduce ends at Cape San Vicente.

A place for adventurers, since there only the Atlantic remains in sight. For this reason, Enrique the Navigator established his prestigious marine school in that area.

Without a doubt, a good point to leave Portugal for now. A country to which we will surely return soon, as it has many other places of interest that will surprise you.

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