Las Hurdes, A Treasure To Discover

Las Hurdes, a treasure to discover

In the province of Cáceres we find this wonderful mountainous and natural region belonging to humid Spain. The region of Las Hurdes is watered by five rivers and surrounded by four valleys from which large waterfalls and meanders arise. Characterized by the huge amount of poplars and poplars that turn the landscape into colorful hues, Las Hurdes is a land full of mystery, legends and fantasy.

An unforgettable tour of Las Hurdes

Meander meander: the spectacular nature of the natural setting

At the time when the Alagón river has a higher flow, right near the town of Riomalo, we have the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful natural spaces in the province of Cáceres and maybe even in all of Spain : the meander Melero.

Melero meander in Las Hurdes
Melero meander – asife

The meander comes into view almost like an island when the Gabriel y Galán reservoir is filled with water. If we want to see it in all its grandeur, we must go to the Mirador de la Antigua.

We can do it well walking among wonderful pine trees, rockrose and heather or, if we prefer, in our private vehicle. The first option is the most recommended for lovers of the countryside, since they will have the opportunity to delight in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The route is not very long and, in fact, it is very pleasant at the beginning since at the beginning it has a magnificent natural pool. All this makes the visit one of the purest that the traveler can carry out. No one should miss it.

A hiking route through the Esperabán valley

The Esperabán River is probably the calmest of all those that run through the Hurdes. Despite this, it also leaves impressive shapes in its wake.

From one of the many viewpoints that have been built on its banks, it is possible to contemplate the town of Alquería del Castillo, of great color and wealth  , located in one of the nooks and crannies of the river.

Las Hurdes
Las Hurdes – Jesús Pérez Pacheco /

In the next district, the tourist will find the town of Las Erias, where they will be surprised to see the most impressive meander in this area. It is convenient to finish our excursion through the Esperabán valley walking from Pinofranqueado to La Aldehuela, where we will see how the locals take advantage of the waters to irrigate their plantations. There, the visitor will find exemplary green spaces surrounded by profuse vegetation and animated by the sound of the nearby waterfalls.

El Gasco, banks that make you fall in love

The unique trails of El Gasco are located to the north of the community of Extremadura. Access to them is somewhat difficult due to the rugged terrain on which they are located.

Malvellido River
Malvellido River – Jesús Pérez Pacheco /

Despite this small inconvenience, those who are interested in Extremadura history cannot miss the opportunity to get to know these lands. And it is that, in them there are still some deposits from the Bronze Age.

The walker can ascend to its perfectly signposted viewpoint. A little before reaching the top, the Malvellido River will amaze the traveler with its extraordinary fall and its incredible meanders.

At the bottom, the adventurers are lucky enough to be able to make use of the natural swimming pool of the town before continuing with a walk through this region. Of course, you should not leave it without visiting the La Casa Hurdana Interpretation Center, which takes a walk through the history of Las Hurdes through its typical houses.

The jet of the Meancera: a waterfall full of life

If the Malvellido river already manages to transmit magical sensations in the viewer with its deep fall and with its wonderful streams, the appearance of the flow called the Meancera jet will be able to touch our soul.

Waterfall in Las Hurdes
Chorro Meancera – Jesús Pérez Pacheco /

From the town of El Gasco there is a path that flows through the gorge of the aforementioned estuary. Its interior houses a huge amount of stones and rocks on both banks. From that point it is already possible to hear the sound of the waterfall that hides in the thick of this hollow. In a few steps this light pilgrimage will be worth it and nature presents us with this colorful and sumptuous waterfall.

Paradise of natural pools: El Charco de la Olla

Also in the northern area of ​​Extremadura and within the area corresponding to Las Mestas, very close to the province of Salamanca, the tourist can rejoice in the so-called Charco de la Olla. The waters of this small reservoir are named for the curious shape they acquire at the point where the River Ladrillar and the River Batuecas converge.

Natural pools in Las Hurdes
Natural pools – Jesús Pérez Pacheco /

As a peculiarity it should be added that the first of them used to be known as the Bad River due to all that it destroyed in its path. This idyllic space is perfectly cared for so it will delight any tourist. In fact, if we wish we can swim in these lagoons. Not far from there lie the ruins and the mechanical skeleton of what was the old Batuecas mill.

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