It’s Time To Take A Night Tour Of Seville

Seville is a city as lively by day as it is at night. In it there are leisure areas in which to have fun regardless of age or tastes.
It's time to take a night tour of Seville

Seville is a wonderful city full of atmosphere at all hours, of course, also at night. For a reason it is the capital of Andalusia and every year it receives thousands of visitors. We show you a perfect plan for lovers of the night and the atmosphere. What do you think if we take a night tour of Seville? Take note of our stops!

Seville is a university city, so fun and a good atmosphere are guaranteed. As in cities such as Salamanca, Barcelona or Madrid, Seville dresses in youth and its atmosphere invites anyone to go out. After knowing this, do you want to join us on this night tour of Seville ?

Step one: go out to dinner

Fried fish
Fried fish – SABERSABOR.ES /

Dinner is a must for those who are going to party. A good plan in the city is to go for tapas. Throughout Seville, especially the center, there are endless tapas bars where you can start the night with your friends and fill yourself up to enjoy the fun.

Among the most typical tapas, we can highlight the fish fritters, the oxtail or the Iberian ones : the classics of the gastronomy of Seville. To accompany them, you cannot miss a beer or a local wine. Some famous establishments are in the downtown area: the Colonial Tavern, Eslava Bar, Dos de Mayo …

The night tour of Seville begins

After having gone for tapas in the center of Seville, it is time to start the party. In the city there are several areas to go out and various plans prepared for you. We are going to tell you what makes each area different and what are the best activities you can do during your night tour of Seville. Follow us!

What to do at night in Seville

Flamenco tablao in Seville
Tablao flamenco – Elliott Brown /

When deciding what to do in Seville at night, you should know that there are options for all tastes. If you like to dance, the first option is to go to bars, pubs and discos to enjoy until dawn. If you are a university student, there is a specific area to go out, and there are also areas with alternative airs, hippie bars or an LGTB atmosphere.

But if you prefer to soak up Sevillian customs,  during the night there are flamenco dance shows in the Triana or Santa Cruz neighborhoods. In them you will enjoy the best live performances, such as the Lo Nuestro establishment. Also theater performances at the Rocío Jurado or at the Central Theater.

And, if you prefer something quieter, you also have options. There will always be that walk through the river area to the Torre del Oro. There you can enjoy kiosks with terraces where you can have a drink with the best views of Seville.

Where to go to enjoy Seville

This is the great question of night owls. To go out in Seville there are different places to go, and choosing one or the other will depend on the tastes of each one.

Regina street in Seville at night
Regina Street – Juanjo /

On the one hand, in the downtown area there are numerous bars where you can go for beers or wines. They are located near Alemanes street or Salvador square. The center is the favorite place to party because of the atmosphere and the terraces.

Another classic area of ​​Seville is, of course, the Triana neighborhood. It is the ideal place to enjoy true flamenco. Throughout this neighborhood there are taverns and bars with tablaos where people can dance flamenco. There are also nightclubs and pubs that close late in the morning, such as the Antique Theater.

After this, we arrive at the Alameda, the alternative area of ​​the city. In fact, it is considered to have its own artistic and cultural style. It is the hippie , alternative and LGTB area. And some prominent places are the Utopia, the Animated Forest or the Man and the Bear.

Youthful places to go out in Seville

For university students there are two characteristic areas: Alfalfa, where there is a street of bars full of students, and Viapol. Around this area there are pubs and nightclubs that close late and where the atmosphere is superfluous.

Another young area is Parque de María Luisa. Here they combine from local Sevillanas to Latin American rhythms. It is an area varied by the styles that come to pass through its premises.

So far some recommendations to include them in your night tour of Seville. Decide based on your tastes and, after that, it’s time to enjoy the night! You have already seen that in Seville there are plenty of things to do and what is lacking is time.

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