How To Travel To The Copper Canyon In Mexico

We go through one of the largest and most spectacular canyons on the planet. And we do it aboard a train.
How to travel to the Copper Canyon in Mexico

The Copper Canyon, in the Mexican state of Chihuaha, is a wonder of nature that may not be well known to travelers. However, it is one of the most beautiful and largest natural canyons in the world. Do you want to know it? Well, in the following lines we are going to reveal how to get to these landscapes of the northern part of Mexico.

Get to the Copper Canyon by train

It is possible to go to the Copper Canyon by road. But we do not recommend it for a simple reason: if you have to drive, you will not be able to enjoy this landscape as it deserves. You will have to be more attentive to the road, its curves and traffic than to the beauty of the place, and it will be a shame.

So our recommendation is to take the Chepe train. The best way to get there and enjoy the views of the Copper Canyon and the whole of the Sierra Tarahumara, where this immense canyon is located.

The Chepe train

Chepe Train in the Copper Canyon
Chepe train

Chepe is the popular name by which the Chihuahua-Pacific railroad is known. It is a historic train that offers the opportunity to enter the Copper Canyon.

It is a huge territory, and one that can hardly be enjoyed in any other way, since we are talking about a gigantic canyon that, for example, is several times larger than the famous Colorado Canyon in the United States.

The tour has numerous stops in different towns and stations between Chihuahua and Los Mochis, already in the state of Sinaloa. But the stop that you cannot miss is Divisadero.

Such is the beauty of the Copper Canyon from that point, that the railway remains stopped for a quarter of an hour for travelers to descend to enjoy the views. But be very careful, you have to return to the wagon on time, otherwise you will stay on the ground.

Other stops of the Chepe train

Cable car in Copper Canyon
Cable Car in Copper Canyon – Ted McGrath /

Another place with fantastic views is Posada Barracas. There we can get off and leave the rail route for the moment to enter the Aventura Barrancas del Cobre theme park. If your thing is zip lines or climbing, you cannot miss it, since you will practice all that with an amazing panoramic view. And you can complete it with a cable car ride.

However, it is not the only stop of interest on our railway. Creel’s is also very attractive. It is the name of a population that makes up the list of Magical Towns of Mexico. Its beautiful urban area is worth a walk, as well as its surroundings, with some of the must-see sites in the Copper Canyon such as the Valley of the Mushrooms or Lake Arareco.

These are our favorite stops, but among the 15 that this train makes,  it can also be interesting to descend at El Fuerte or Bahuichivo. In the first case, because the traditions of the mountains are maintained there. And in the second, because from there you can visit very beautiful towns: Urique and Cerocahui.

Tour the Copper Canyon at the rhythm of the train

Panoramic view of the Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon / Ted McGrath /

The good thing about this itinerary is that it is done on a daily basis. That is, we can consider the stops and spend the night in the places that we want. Thus, design your stay in the Copper Canyon following the Chepe train route.

But you must know several things. It is not just a tourist train. Something that in principle is good, since it is very cheap, when used by the local population. In fact, there are two categories: tourist and economic.

And the tickets are only obtained in the two main stations, Chihuahua and Los Mochis. Whereas if you go up in the intermediate stations, you must buy the tickets on board the train itself, always in cash.

Travelers to the train! To the Chepe train heading to the Copper Canyon. An adventure that you will never forget.

History and nature in Chiapas, a treasure in Mexico

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