How To Spend The Best Vacations In Havana

How to spend the best vacations in Havana

Havana, capital of the Caribbean island of Cuba, is without a doubt one of the most exciting and attractive cities on the planet. There are already millions of tourists who have fallen under the charms of its streets and its people, always lively and hospitable. 

Therefore, visiting Havana is always worth it. That is why we are going to make a small but intense trip to its most illustrious and peculiar areas and propose a series of ideas to spend the best vacations in the Cuban capital.

A walk through Old Havana

El Morro Castle in Havana
El Morro Castle – Kamira

In any visit to the most important city in Cuba, you cannot miss a delicious walk through Old Havana. It is the oldest area of ​​the entire population and has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is therefore not unusual for every tourist who comes to that beautiful land to be advised to visit it.

Among its most remarkable monuments we find places such as the different squares, from San Francisco to the Cathedral. Along with them, fortresses, castles, shops of all kinds, bars with delicious Cuban food and even beautiful art galleries await the visitor to Old Havana.

The Museum of the Revolution

If there is something that has marked contemporary Havana, it is the Castro family. From his years in power there remains a place that is a must in the city, the Museum of the Revolution. It is also located in the old town and has been standing since the middle of the last century.

On the walls of the eclectic Museum of the Revolution you can see all kinds of scenes related to the coming to power of Fidel Castro and the implementation of the socialist regime in every country.

Visit to the Malecón

Malecon of Havana
Malecon of Havana – Kamira

Another of the places that the visitor should not miss when he arrives in Havana is the wonderful Malecón. Authentic social heart of the city, there has been created a fantastic meeting point for artisans, musicians and travelers who enjoy a beautiful space by the sea from which to enjoy the pleasant Cuban climate and their taste for Caribbean melodies and art.

Along the more than 8 kilometers of length of the Malecón, you will not only enjoy the art of the Cubans, you will also be able to see all kinds of historical buildings such as monuments and castles, not to mention a spectacular sunset in front of the sea.

Come to the Vedado neighborhood

Vedado Sweep in Havana
Vedado Sweep – Frazao Production

Another great excursion that you must do to enjoy your best vacations in Havana is a visit to the Vedado neighborhood. With the eclectic architecture so typical of the city,  you will be able to enjoy stately homes that dot avenues full of green and wide groves between modern areas and places that host all kinds of ministries and institutions of the Cuban government.

Glimpse the Necropolis of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Necropolis
Christopher Columbus Necropolis – Tupungato

If you are one of those who enjoys visiting cemeteries, the Christopher Columbus Necropolis is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Due to its large number of works of art in both architecture and sculpture, it has become a place of worship for thousands of travelers.

You should not think of the Christopher Columbus Necropolis as a common cemetery. Located in the Vedado neighborhood, it houses pantheons that look more like colonial houses from past centuries and a large number of works in granite or Carrara marble that delight art lovers.

Trip to the Capitol

You cannot go to Havana to enjoy your best vacations and not visit what was once the center of power on the island of Cuba. The Capitol in an impressive building whose original operation was directed to Parliament, but today it houses the country’s Academy of Sciences.

Visit to the Miramar neighborhood

Finally, we recommend a visit to the Miramar neighborhood for a great vacation in Havana. An area of ​​the city where you will see truly luxurious mansions where the highest classes of the country lived before the revolution, as is evident. Today it has become the land of embassies, splendid hotels and all kinds of restaurants in which to enjoy the rich Cuban cuisine.

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