Havelock Island, Discover A Paradise In India

Do you know Havelock Island? Have you ever heard of her? Maybe not, because here we tell you how impressive this amazing Indian island is.
Havelock Island, discover a paradise in India

Havelock Island is not the best known of India, but it is perhaps its most hidden treasure. It is a place where we can forget the overpopulation with which we all identify this gigantic Asian country. On this island, east of the subcontinent and in the Andaman Sea, we will be surprised to think that we have discovered a true Eden to escape the madding crowd, an almost virgin place.

Havelock Island, a very different India

We all have India in mind from big cities like Delhi or Jaipur. It is a country of wonderful monuments such as the famous Taj Mahal and others as seductive as the Brihadisvara temple.

Elephant on the beach

But there are many more wonders in the Indian Territory. Starting with the mountain areas in the Himalayas or the great jungles, which today continue to hide countless enigmas for the western tourist.

And there are even great beach areas too. Of these, perhaps, the most international are those of Goa, precisely on the western coast of the Arabian Sea, at the other end of Havelock Island, which is located to the east, in the Andaman Sea.

Havelokc Island and the Bay of Bengal

Perhaps the Andaman Sea connects it with some of the best known and most frequented beaches in one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia: Thailand. But not only that country bathes.

In reality, it also reaches the coast of other states and among them India, although in this case the area is more identified with the name of the Gulf of Bengal. This, in some way, is closed by the presence of Havelok Island and other sisters grouped under the name Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

What to do on Havelock Island

Jungle on Havelock Island

Now that we have located Havelock Island, we can begin to prepare for the trip. The first thing to know is that its beaches and seabed have nothing to envy to other more or less close destinations in this part of the world. But here there is a distinctive element, and it is that it has chosen to carry out tourism that is as sustainable and ecological as possible.

Therefore it is not a mass destination. What you have to do on Havelcok Island is find a cozy accommodation and enjoy days of absolute relaxation on the beach. And this can be combined with more daring sports activities such as diving dives for different levels or riding on the surfboard.

The more terrestrial can make guided hiking excursions through the thicket of the tropical forest that awaits us inland. Elephant rides are also traditional. And at night there are usually parties on the sand on the beach. In this way, one can spend almost 24 hours a day without leaving the sea.

A unique and special stronghold

Havelock Island

In short, the experience of a few days on Havelock Island is something that you will later tell friends and acquaintances a thousand times. It is a place where it has been bet to keep it as virgin and careful as possible. Something that is always to be admired, even more so in Southeast Asia, where so little ecological awareness exists. If you want to have a radically different vision of India, this is your destination.

Although the journey is not going to be easy. First you will have to fly to an airport in mainland India. And from there take another plane to Port Blair, the largest city in the archipelago and located on the South Andaman Island. And once there it is possible to board the ferries that arrive at Havelock Island, a paradise that will amaze you.

By the way, you will surely be shocked by that name of Havelock, of such western origin. Well, the explanation is very simple. This island received this name in colonial times, under the designs of the Empire of Great Britain, and received the place name in honor of the British general Henry Havelock. However, it also has a more indigenous name: Swaraj Dweep.

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