Gili Islands: Idyllic And Welcoming, A True Paradise

Gili Islands: idyllic and cozy, a true paradise

The definition of paradise in the dictionary should contain the Gili Islands. A dream place in the heart of Indonesia. If you like exotic destinations, you love the sea and the beach and you want to lie in the sun or do water sports, we recommend that you travel to this idyllic place.

Three islands, fun for all tastes

The Gili Islands are located in the Straits of Lomboko, 35 kilometers from Bali (if the day is sunny you can see the city from the coast).

They all have activities for any audience. In Gili Trawagan you will find bars and clubs, as well as many young people. In Gili Meno (in the center of the other two) you will feel that you are a traveler from thousands of years ago, since there are almost no tourists. In Gili Air you can enjoy quiet nights and some services such as restaurants.

Gili Islands
Gili Islands – Rafal Cichawa

There are no cars or motorcycles on the Gili Islands. You only go horseback riding or cycling. You will not hear noises other than the birds, the waves and the boats that arrive at the port.

Among the activities that you cannot miss during your stay on these islands is snorkeling. Check where the immersion points are according to your skills and experience. Keep in mind that there are currents that can drag you with great force.

Surfing is another of the sports par excellence, especially in the Trawangan breakers. Scuba diving is beautiful and worth doing, as well as being quite cheap.

The three Gili islands

Gili Trawangan, between mountains and glasses

In the interior of the town you can find more affordable accommodation that, of course, on the first line of the beach. Rent a bike and take a ride around the surrounding area. When you are very tired you can stop, take a dip in its beautiful turquoise waters and continue on your way.

In the western part are the mountains and the east is quite flat. Going around the entire island from the ring road will take you approximately two hours (depending on how fast you walk).

Sunset in the Gili Islands
Sunset in Gili Islands – Jackie G

Watching the sunset from the hill is something unique. At night you can go out for a drink with your friends, in low season the bars take turns to open. Feel free to stroll through the night food market for daily fish dishes for one euro.

Gili Meno, the little one

From Gili Trawagan it takes 20 minutes to reach this island. You can get even cheaper accommodation than in the first one. A curiosity: the bath water is salty. If you want natural water to come out of the toilet, you will have to pay more (but how important is that, right?).

You will not find more than 10 people on the beaches, so you will feel that they are all yours. Rent some snorkel goggles and take the opportunity to spot turtles, fish and coral. The water is so transparent that it will look like you are in a pool.

Gili islands coast
Gili Islands – Dudarev Mikhail

The only bad thing about Gili Meno… it’s the mosquitoes! Even if you smear yourself with cream or apply liters of repellent, they will be cruel to your skin.

At night you will know what the concept of absolute tranquility is. Restaurants are counted on the fingers of the hands. If you want to explore the entire island on foot, you only need 1 hour at a leisurely pace … that’s how tiny it is!

Gili Air, dive, sleep and eat

Something similar to the book “eat, pray, love” but in Indonesian version. The journey from Gili Meno is 20 minutes by boat. You will find calm here in low season.

Beach in Gili Islands
Gili Islands – nikitabuida

During the day you can simply admire the beauty of the beaches, dive nearby and try to find crowds of people (you will not find them). At night the restaurants are somewhat expensive in relation to the other two islands.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to go to the Gili Islands in Indonesia. The most expensive will be the air transport to get to the area, but once you land … you can save your savings and not go into debt during the holidays. Another reason to meet them!

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