Get To Know The Town Of Ezcaray, A Very Picturesque Place

It is a small town known for its ski resort. However, Ezcaray has a long history and wonderful places to visit.
Get to know the town of Ezcaray, a very picturesque place

The town of Ezcaray is one of the most beautiful in La Rioja. A town with a lot of history and an incredible natural environment to enjoy in a thousand different ways. Don’t you know it? So come with us to discover this little treasure.

Ezcaray, a town worth visiting

One of the reasons why Ezcaray is better known is because it is located very close to the Valdezcaray ski resort. This is only 25 kilometers from the town. It is a small resort, but very accessible and appreciated by all types of skiers.

Ezcaray town street
Ezcaray street

But, in addition to a spectacular setting, the town of Ezcaray also has a long history. The Muslims left their mark here, although when they left the area, King Sancho Garcés of Navarra repopulated the place with Basque-speaking Navarrese.

This fact favored Ezcaray using Basque place names and that until the 14th century it was one of the places with the greatest Basque influence in La Rioja.

Starting in the 15th century, this town found what would be its greatest source of income: the manufacture of cloth.  For this, the wool sheared from sheep that arrived in these lands in spring was used due to the enormous extension of grass in the area.

During the War of Independence, Napoleonic troops took over the factory and it was ruined. Thus, the inhabitants of Ezcaray began to make cloth in an artisanal way. However, with industrialization it was soon a business that fell into decline.

What to see in the town of Ezcaray

Now that we know more about its history, it  is time to lose ourselves in the streets of Ezcaray, and there is much to see. These are some of his jewels.

city ​​Hall

Ezcaray City Council
Ezcaray City Council

The Ezcaray town hall is the building that occupies the area where the Royal Textile Factory used to be. But in the construction we can also find a hostel and a theater.

A small loom appears timidly in one of its corners. A place that has gained international fame due to the export of blankets and scarves all over the world.

The building itself reveals the damage suffered by the wars, but it still stands majestic, with rustic and historical airs. In fact, it is one of the jewels of the town of Ezcaray.

Church of Santa María la Mayor

Church of Santa María la Mayor
Saint Mary Major

This church, dating from the 12th century, was built on another construction of Romanesque origin, although its façade is exclusively Gothic. Inside we can visit a parish museum where we will see objects and utensils from villages that are now uninhabited and of which only ruins and memories remain.

Kiosk Square

Kiosk Square of the town of Ezcaray
Kiosk Square – willi_bremen /

The Quiosco Square is one of the most emblematic places in Ezcaray. It shows all the architectural beauty of the town, and here you will see a set of typical three-story houses.

Also in it are some of the most recognized monuments of Ezcaray. Among them, the Conde Torremuzquiz palace or the Barroeta palace stand out.

Oja River

Salto del Águila in Ezcaray
Salto del Águila – Hiking Sermar /

As we said before, this beautiful town has a very interesting natural heritage. For this reason, after having known its labyrinthine streets, there is nothing like going to the river Oja, from which the name of La Rioja comes.

There are several bridges that you can cross to go to the other side. What awaits you there? The old railway station, transformed into a restaurant.

Hermitage of Our Lady of Allende

Hermitage of Our Lady of Allende
Hermitage of Our Lady of Allende – Javier Enjuto /

The Virgin of Allende is the patron saint of the town and nothing less could be expected than a hermitage dedicated to her. Inside we will see a Gothic carving of the Virgin, as well as ten oil paintings of angels from the school of the Viceroyalty of Peru. All a sacred gem that is worth seeing.

It is incredible to think that such a small town can contain so much beauty. We hope you have enjoyed as much as we did this tour of the town of Ezcaray, one of the most beautiful towns in La Rioja.

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