Get To Know The Atmosphere Of Berlin At Night

Berlin is a lively city during the day, but also at night. We are going to know how to enjoy the German capital when it gets dark.
Get to know the atmosphere of Berlin at night

Berlin is one of the best nightlife destinations in Europe due to the great possibilities it offers after sunset: do various tours , admire the beauty of the illuminated Brandenburg Gate, go out partying … We are going to take a fabulous tour of Berlin by the night. Can you come with us? 

Berlin by night from the TV Tower

Television tower at night
Television Tower – elxeneize

The Television Tower is the tallest building in Berlin, but also in Germany, at 368 meters high. And although its observation deck is located at 203 meters, the views it offers of the illuminated city are unbeatable. For this you only have to pay a ticket of thirteen euros.

The building also has a revolving restaurant that is located above the observation deck. In this way, while enjoying Berlin illuminated from different angles, you can taste the typical food of the area. An experience worth trying despite its high price.

In addition to the Television Tower, other buildings that offer good views of Berlin are the Reichtag, whose dome is open every day until midnight and is accessible free of charge; and the Berliner Dome, from which you can see the Museum Island or the city hall (Rotes Rathaus).

Through a night tour

REichstag in Berlin at night
Reichstag – 5443882 /

In Berlin there are several tours that take place at night. One of them allows you to know the ins and outs of the main monuments of the city under the stars, such as the Brandenburg Gate or the city hall. There is also the possibility of taking the tour by bicycle and even by horse-drawn carriage.

For those who prefer to know the nightlife of Berlin, you can also take a tour of five of the best pubs in the city. The experience lasts five hours and costs about ten euros. Then you just have to enjoy what the most partying capital of Europe offers.

See the Brandenburg Gate, a Berlin must see at night

Brandenburg Gate at night
Brandenburg Gate – Mediengestalter /

And it is that the Brandenburg Gate not only stands out for being one of the most symbolic monuments of Berlin, but also for the beauty of seeing it illuminated. Afterwards, you can stroll through Unter den Linden to Museum Island or simply go to one of the nearby restaurants.

Discover its museums

Bode Museum at night
Bode Museum – Stadtlichtpunkte /

One night a year the so-called ‘Long Night of Museums’ is held in Berlin, in which tourists can visit the incredible collections and pieces that are exhibited in them until two in the morning. In addition, specialized workshops are held and there are buses that connect the various museums with each other.

One of the most recommended places to go during that night is the Museum Island, made up of five buildings: the Pergamon Museum, the most visited in Berlin; the Bode Museum; the Ancient, with art and sculptures from Greece or the Roman Empire; the New Museum and the Old National Gallery.

Other equally interesting museums or art galleries that cannot be missed are the Berggruen Museum, with works by prominent artists such as Picasso and Matisse; the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which tries to spread the Jewish-German history and culture; or the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, dedicated to the Berlin Wall.

Go out for its best party areas 

Berlin at night, ALexanderplatz
Alexanderplatz – KHReichert [not explored] /

As we have pointed out previously, Berlin is one of the most famous nightlife destinations, being considered by many to be the most partying capital of Europe. To see it first-hand, one can go, for example, to the western neighborhoods, where the establishments are elegant and ostentatious.

On the other hand, in the downtown area there are more alternative venues, such as Weekend, located on the twelfth floor of an old travel agency where house or techno music is played ; Café Zapata, where you can move to the beat of reggae , punk or indie ; or 40seconds, one of the most exclusive places in the city.

As you can see, discovering Berlin at night is discovering a city that is always lively and with very different, but always interesting, proposals.

Organize your visit to Berlin, what should you keep in mind?

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