Free Activities In London, Enjoy The City Without Spending

London is not a cheap city, but to enjoy some of its attractions you do not have to pay anything. Let’s check it out.
Free activities in London, enjoy the city without spending

The title of free activities in London seems a lie, right? Anyone who has been to the British capital knows that we are talking about one of the most expensive cities on the planet. And yet, it is still possible to enjoy certain visits in the city in which it is not necessary to pay a single pound sterling.

Free activities in London of the most varied

In addition to finding free visits and activities in the streets of London, we can also say that they are quite varied. Not everything is walking through parks, which seems the most obvious. So now is the time to find out what free activities you can do on your next trip to London.

Go to concerts for free

Busker in Covent Garden
Busker in Covent Garden – Donald Ogg /

London musicals are world renowned events. In Picadilly Circus and its surroundings there are some of the theaters where big stars of the stages perform. Admission to them is not one of the free activities that can be done in London, but that does not mean that you cannot see concerts without paying anything.

To do this, just go to Convent Garden. There are also many theaters and concert halls there, but in addition, countless musicians and groups often take to the streets to delight passersby.

Feel like a beatle

Abbey Road
Abbey Road

We continue with another of the free activities related to music. To do this, you and four other friends will have to go to Abbey Road to take some photos. There are five of you in total (there is one who must take the photo), so you can make multiple combinations on the most famous zebra crossing in The Beatles’ iconography.

The changing of the guard

See the Changing of the Guard, one of the free things to do in London
Changing of the Guard – CAPTAIN ROGER FENTON /

One of the most famous free activities in the British capital takes place in front of Buckingham Palace. That is the royal residence of the Queen of England, and there with British punctuality, obviously, the famous changing of the guard of the soldiers who guard the palace is celebrated.

The ceremonial lasts for almost an hour. But be careful because it is not done every day. Inform you before you go!

National museums in London are free

British Museum – Ham /

Yes. In a city as expensive as the British capital, art fans are in luck. And those who are not, can take the opportunity to discover some of the great works of art in history without paying anything. Without a doubt, this is one of the best free activities in London: entering the museums.

Just as you can enter the Tate Modern on the banks of the Thames.  In addition to seeing contemporary art, you can go up to its terrace to contemplate the views of the river, the Millennium Bridge and the Cathedral of San Pablo in the background.

Enter Westminster Abbey

Westminster abbey
Westminster abbey

Actually, tourist visits to Westminster Abbey have to be paid for. But we can also enter for free. Of course, it must be done during worship hours and, of course, with a most respectful attitude towards the parishioners who may be praying there.

Visit the National Library

National Library of London
National Library of London

Another of the free activities that will reveal one of the monuments with the greatest heritage in London is the one that will take us inside the National Library of the United Kingdom. An impressive building, whose rooms hold millions and millions of books.

Inside are preserved from medieval manuscripts to the most current best sellers , through the Bible printed by Gutenberg in the 15th century.

Finally, relax in the parks of London

Saint James's Park in London
Saint James’s Park

It seems not, but in the end doing all these activities for free in London can end up exhausted. So to rest you can take the opportunity to visit some of the most famous gardens in the city. Of course, without paying.

Hyde Park, Kesington Gardens, Regent’s Park, Saint James Park or the largest of all are waiting for you there : Richmond Park.

Discover all the attractions of London at night

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