Fraser Island: An Island With A Lot Of Charm

It is a huge and wonderful island of sand. An island with attractions that you should not miss if you visit Australia.
Fraser Island: an island with a lot of charm

You may never have heard of this island. However, if we tell you that Fraser Island is  the largest sand island in the world, it may start to be more attractive to you. And above it is in Australia, a paradise for millions of people.

In 1992 it was registered as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. With such a title you can imagine how special it is. It is located on the east coast of Australia near Maryborough, 200 km north of Brisbane. If you want to know a little more about this island and its surroundings, keep reading We will tell you all about it!

The curious reason for its name

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

The indigenous people of the Butchulla tribe were the first settlers of Fraser and they called it  K’gari  which, in their language, means paradise. But her real name is due to Elizabeth Fraser. This Scottish woman was traveling with her husband and their ship was wrecked off the coast of the island.

According to Eliza, the Butchulla tribe held her against her will until they managed to rescue her. When he returned to his country he wrote a lot of books recounting his experience on the island. Since then, the island has received this name.

Fraser Island is one of the islands with the most tourists a year. And it is that it is a special island, very different from many others.You will love it as soon as you arrive!

How do you get to Fraser Island?

Beach in Frase Island
Fraser Island – Fabcom /

The most beautiful and common way to get to the island is, of course, by boat. You will enjoy a great ride through the Australian seas. Almost all ships leave from the River Heads and dock on the west coast of Fraser Island.

20 minutes from this town we find Hervey Bay, a small coastal town that we recommend you go to. In addition, from there you can visit many more islands that are around it.

Once there, you should know that, in practically the entire island, there is no good Wi-Fi. Another important detail is that whether you rent a car or go on a tour, you must respect all traffic regulations. It is a somewhat unique island and really if you are not careful you may have the odd scare.

The most representative sites of the island

The island can be seen perfectly in two days. Later we will explain some of the places that are most worth visiting and without which you cannot go without having been.

A good idea is to rent a car to tour the island marking your own time. It is a little more expensive, but it is much more comfortable and you will enjoy the island more. Of course, you can only go there with a 4 × 4, since another type of car does not drive well for it.

You also have the option of hiring a guided excursion. It is cheaper, but you always depend on the tour guide.

Pinnacles Colored Sands

Colored Sands on Fraser Island
Colored sands

In this site we can enjoy the spectacle that is to see the different colors of the sand. We can find up to 72 different shades. A real pass! Before you go make sure the day is clear and gathers enough light to be able to see everything well. It will be important, because if not, you will not enjoy the colors.

Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby on Fraser Island
Lake Wabby

This lake is fascinating in every way. The water is green in color and is next to a golden sand dune. There you can find a small route of 40 minutes totally recommended. It is a pleasant walk, although if it is very sunny it may cost you a little more, since there are many climbs, but it will be worth it!

Dangers of Fraser Island

Dingo on Fraser Island
Dingo – Michael Dawes –

As in all the paradisiacal islands, not everything is pretty. You may find some other dangerous situation, so it is important that you know all the risks beforehand.

For lovers of nature and fauna, it is one of the best islands to observe animals and incredible landscapes. However, we can find some really dangerous animals such as dingoes, snakes or spiders. Yes, the kind that sting with poison.

As for dingoes, they are really fascinating animals, but just as dangerous at the same time. They are wild dogs, so make sure they don’t get too close to you. Therefore, it is important that you never give them food or draw their attention too much.

Fraser Island is a must on your list of destinations to Australia. If you love paradisiacal places, you will have to go!

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