Essential Tips For Going On A Trip To The Mountains

At one point or another, we all go on a mountain hike. It is essential to be cautious and follow some tips, such as wearing appropriate clothing or not leaving the marked paths.
Essential tricks to go on a trip to the mountains

Going on a trip to the mountains is one of the most rewarding experiences that exist, since it allows us to enjoy nature at the same time that we disconnect or do some activity. If you are thinking of doing one soon, we give you a series of tips so that you can enjoy the excursion. Can you come with us?

Equip yourself correctly for a trip to the mountains

Equipment for a trip to the mountains
Mountain equipment

It is basic, on any trip to the mountain you should wear suitable clothing and footwear : a fleece lining (even in summer), a raincoat for rain and wind, mountain boots … It is also advisable to wear sunglasses due to the reflection of the sun or snow and apply sunscreen in any season.

Leaving aside the clothing, and in order to better orient ourselves in case of hiking or other activity, you can take a map, a compass or a GPS. The choice depends on the preferences of each one, as it is something optional. And it is that the roads are usually signposted.

What is essential is to carry water or a drink with which to hydrate ourselves at all times.  Also some food to regain strength, especially those foods that give us instant energy, such as cereal bars.

And all this can be carried in a good backpack. Better if it has lumbar support so as not to put all the weight on the shoulders.

Plan your trip to the mountain properly

Hikers in Langtan, Nepal
Hikers in Langtan, Nepal

It is as important as taking everything you need with us. We must plan in advance the various activities that we are going to carry out on that trip to the mountain. There is a great variety: hiking, biking, climbing, camping in the open air or excursions on horseback. Many can also be done by children.

Once the activity has been decided, it is necessary to organize or find the basic data of it. It is necessary to know the technical difficulties that it may have, the times or schedules in which it must or is carried out, the distance to travel, the unevenness that may arise, and so on.

On the other hand, the weather  forecast and the mountain conditions should be consulted to know what to refrain from when we make our trip. It is also advisable to prepare an alternative plan in case one day it is not wise to follow the one we had set in advance.

Avoid any risk

For our trip to the mountains to be totally satisfactory, it is advisable to take into account a series of basic aspects. The first is that we must avoid leaving the marked paths, especially if we have never been in that area before.

In addition to the risk of getting lost, we can end up somewhere where landslides occur or where there are dangerous animals, even if it is not the usual thing.

Hikers in a river

It is also important,  if we are going to carry out an activity, to start it at a reasonable time, calculating the time of return well so that it does not get dark on the way back.

Another basic precaution is not to separate yourself from the rest of the people who accompany us if you are not traveling alone. And, as we have already said, you must check the weather that is going to do to adapt to the weather conditions.

If even applying common sense we have a problem we can use the mobile phone.  It is advisable to previously download Alpify, an application that allows you to send the exact geoposition of the user at the time a call is made to 112. In this way, rescue is facilitated.

Like the app, carrying a kit can be a great help. This can contain medicines such as ibuprofen, a sterile gauze pack, a thermal blanket … It all depends on whether the excursion we are going to do is long or not.

By following all these tricks we can start a trip to the mountains without any unforeseen event that can spoil our plan. What are you waiting to apply them? Then it only remains to enjoy the adventure in a natural environment, which helps to disconnect from the routine.

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