Enjoy The Xel-Há Natural Park In Mexico

Xel-Há is not the best known place in the Mexican Riviera Maya, but it is one of the most beautiful. And that in this beautiful coast is very difficult to highlight.
Enjoy the Xel-Há natural park in Mexico

Xel-Há Park, in the Mexican Caribbean, is one of the best-kept and most beautiful secrets that the Riviera Maya has to offer. Here many of the charms of this region are summarized, that is, an always warm sea, an exuberant nature, landscapes full of ancient legends and a favorable climate that only invites you to enjoy.

Xel-Há and its Mayan legend

Any place in the Riviera Maya has ties to that extraordinary pre-Hispanic culture. In some cases they are as evident as in the archaeological site of Chichén Itza. However, in other cases this relationship with the Mayans is less obvious, but it is equally fascinating. That is the case of Xel-Há.


The beauty of the place is such that it is said that the Mayan gods themselves created the place. They knew how to materialize in Xel-Há all their wisdom, their illusions and their love.

And he was so proud of his beauty that they allowed all men to enter. Of course, they put some guards to guard the place. They were the guardians of the land, air and water, that is, the iguana, the pelican and the parrotfish.

The current guardians of Xel-Há

Today, Xel-Há continues to be an extraordinary and unique place, one of those places in the Caribbean that alone are worth a trip. For this reason, the site is protected and good environmental practices are being developed here by those who exploit it for tourism. So, if you are lucky enough to visit it, try to do your bit in its maintenance.

A beautiful cove

Lagoon in Xel-Há

The differential fact of Xel-Há is the cove where the salty and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea converge with the fresh and cooler waters of several underground streams that flow into this point. This mixture creates phenomena that seem magic, like the waters slowly mixing, forming curious liquid layers.

In addition, the confluence of this aquatic variety means that marine and river species coexist at the same point. There are those who consider Hel-Xá to be like a great outdoor aquarium. There it is not difficult to see snappers, parrotfish, blondes, surgeonfish, horse mackerel, rays … and so on up to 70 different ones. An ideal space has even been set up to host manatees and dolphins.

A diving paradise

As in many other places in the Riviera Maya, such as the always recommended island of Cozumel, Xel-Há invites you to dive and discover its seabed and underwater wonders. So it is a good place for snorkeling and diving, as well as the novel mix of the two that is snuba .

And, have you heard of the sea ​​trek ? No? Well, if you translate the term from English it would be something like path of the sea. In other words, a walk along the bottom, something that can also be done in an area set up for it within the Xel-Há natural park.

More things besides diving

Cenote Suytun
Cenote Suytun

Everyone knows that the Riviera Maya and the corals of its reef are one of the best places in the world to dive. But more can be done there. Of course, one of the most satisfactory is to find a beach near Xel-Há and lie down to sunbathe and take a bath. In that sense, it is always a good idea to go to the nearby area of ​​Tulum, just over 10 kilometers away.

Likewise, you have to take the opportunity to be amazed by the beauty of those natural spectacles that are the cenotes, so common in this area of ​​Mexico and throughout the Yucatan peninsula. Well, near Xel-Há we can go to the cenotes of Paraíso and Aventura.

In short, if you take a trip to the Riviera Maya, among the many areas that you have to discover is the Xel-Há natural park, a wonder that will leave you speechless and in love with these special places.

Enjoy the treasures of the Riviera Maya

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