Enjoy The Most Beautiful Cantabrian Beaches

The Cantabrian coast hides some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Beaches located in spectacular settings. We visit some of them.
Enjoy the most beautiful Cantabrian beaches

The Spanish coast is beautiful, but those who know the north say that it stands out above everything else. Perhaps because of the landscapes, the bravery of its sea, the color of its waters or the shape of its cliffs and rocks. Come with us to know the most incredible Cantabrian beaches. Don’t forget the swimsuit!

These are the most beautiful Cantabrian beaches

The Cantabrian Sea has so many spectacular beaches that it can hardly be said that one is more beautiful than the other, and not because beauty is relative, but because in reality all of them are. Of all of them, we have selected these that you will love :

To Mexota

Mexota beach one of the most beautiful Cantabrian beaches
Mexota Beach – Adcaba / Flickr.com

It is located in Asturias, near Castropol, a beautiful fishing village that is known by lovers of rural tourism. What makes this beach so special? Well, it is a natural phenomenon where they exist.

An islet that seems to have been split in two by time and erosion  also means that this beach is divided into two parts, allowing the entrance to the sea as if it were a large door. A preciousness!


Mataleñas beach in Santander
Mataleñas Beach – Graeme Chuchard / Flickr.com

Finding a beach in the Cantabrian Sea that is not overcrowded in summer seems like an odyssey. However, here is Mataleñas, near Santander, waiting to be visited. It is a beautiful cove with white sand and turquoise green water, with some incredible cliffs that close it.

Why are there so many who are unaware of such beauty? Possibly because of its access, in which you have to go down more than 150 steps to get there, or worse, the same steps that you have to climb later. We recommend that you go with the right thing so that it is not an ordeal. You can get there by bus or car very easily.

Berria Beach

Berría beach in Santoña
Berría Beach – José Castanedo / Flickr.com

If there was a piece of the Caribbean in the Cantabrian Sea, no one would deny that it is this beach. It is located in Santoña, a name that may sound familiar to you because of the famous anchovies that are fished in the place. The beach has more than two kilometers of white sand and the color of its waters is impressive.

The surrounding landscape is green and lush, not to mention the town of Santoña, which is worth a tour. Of course, you must taste its anchovies, its bonito and its sardines, which are famous throughout the country.

Langre Beach

Langre Beach
Langre Beach

This beach is located under an incredible 25-meter high cliff, which is why perhaps for years it was exclusively for nudist use. It is located on the Trasmiera coast and for many it is the most beautiful beach in Cantabria.

For years, many have not been able to resist the tranquility of its waters, the softness of its sand and the views of the landscape. For this reason, the influx is increasing and the practice of nudism has been lost.

Oyambre Beach

Oyambre Natural Park
Oyambre Natural Park

The Oyambre Natural Park is famous for its impressive nature, which combines perfectly with small fishing villages in the area, such as Comillas or San Vicente de la Barquera.

At the mouth of the Ría de la Rabia, Oyambre beach is one of the most beautiful in the area, and also one of the quietest. Cleanliness is a highlight of her as well.


Barayo Beach
Barayo Beach – Tuscasasrurales / Flickr.com

For those who like different and original landscapes, this is one of the best beaches in the Cantabrian Sea that you can visit. In it there are marshes, dunes, salt flats and reed beds, so to access the sand you will have to walk on them for about thirty minutes.

Of course, you will not find a more rugged and unspoiled place in which to take a bath. They say that the sunsets in the place are the most beautiful ever seen.


Ballota beach in Llanes
Ballota Beach – David Acosta Allely

The last of our Cantabrian beaches is in Llanes. It is a horseshoe-shaped cove surrounded by cliffs over 20 meters high. With golden sands and calm waters, an islet in front of her seems to watch over her

But this is one of the many beaches in the municipality. There are up to thirty beaches in Llanes, of all types and characteristics, but all of them singularly beautiful.

Do you already know which of these Cantabrian beaches you are going to visit first? Go packing your suitcase. and, if you can, take a route along the coast to discover them all.

The most beautiful towns in the Cantabrian Sea

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