Enjoy Colmar, A Beautiful Town In France

Enjoy Colmar, a beautiful town in France

We leave with our backpack well prepared to one of the most beautiful villages in France. We are talking about Colmar, a fantastic and almost magical place in Gallic geography capable of evoking the Renaissance climate like no other corner of the planet.

Where is Colmar located ?

Given the vast expanse of France, it is necessary to know exactly where to go to get to Colmar. In this case we are talking about a city of about 70,000 inhabitants in the Alsace region.

Colmar – JeniFoto

French regions are made up of departments and districts. In this case, Colmar is the capital of the district of the same name that is located in the Upper Rhine department, in the wonderful Alsace region known for its beauty and good wines.

What is Colmar like?

Arriving in Colmar is approaching one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Rhine Valley. Located in what is known as Upper Alsace, its streets have carefully kept the passage of history, despite being located in a border and dangerous area.

The heritage of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance are the main protagonists of this corner of the most beautiful, natural and artistic France that we can visit today.

Colmar street
Colmar Street – Boris Stroujko

For this reason, Colmar preserves a beautiful, very central old town in which mixtures of early Renaissance art are interspersed with German Gothic, which gives the whole a beautiful perspective.

As a curious fact, say that the artist Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi is a native of Colmar. His name may not sound familiar to you, but if we talk about the Statue of Liberty, in New York City, it may be more familiar to you, because this man was its creator.

What to see in Colmar?

We are already beginning to visit the most charming places within a town that is already magical and spectacular in itself, but also hides really beautiful corners for lovers of history and romance.

Little venice

Canal in Colmar
Canal in Colmar – Vlad Turchenko

There are many towns that are nicknamed “Little Venice”. Among them is a neighborhood of Colmar surrounded by traditional houses always well decorated with flowers facing the canal and the Pescadería dock. A great place for hopeless romantics.

Unterlinden Museum

Another of the beautiful corners of Colmar is the Unterlinden museum. Installed in a convent of Dominican mothers from the thirteenth century, it has a beautiful Gothic cloister and is a wonderful witness to keep all the art of a city full of history like this one.

Dominican Convent

Another spectacular place to visit is the Dominican convent, with a cloister and a church dating from the 13th century, although they have undergone some remodeling over the course of history.

Collegiate Church of San Martín

Collegiate Church of San Martin in Colmar
Collegiate Church of San Martin, Colmar – NeydtStock

The Gothic style of Colmar covers its main exponent in this Collegiate Church of San Martín, whose works began in the 13th century and lasted several years to cover the almost 80 meters long and 70 meters high of this spectacular building.

Church of San Mateo

Religious art has a great presence in the city thanks to its powerful medieval and Renaissance heritage. In this order we find the church of San Mateo, belonging to the Franciscan order and dating from the end of the 13th century.

Pfister House

Pfister house in Colmar
Pfister House, Colmar – Mihai-Bogdan Lazar

The Pfister House also comes from the late Middle Ages, a remarkable building in medieval and Gothic style with a spectacular façade and a beautiful viewpoint with a crown to a truly beautiful complex.

The rue des Marchands

We finish our walk through the most significant corners of this beautiful town walking along the rue des Marchands. Its main attraction is the old traditional houses that are of a wonderful beauty and charm.

However, Colmar hides many more beautiful and striking corners to discover. Now it is your turn to pack your luggage and go to one of the most beautiful cities in the Upper Rhine and in all of France to find a world of romance and history in the famous Alsace, land of wines and good living that will make you fall in love.

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