Enchanted Palaces And Castles Around The World

Who doesn’t love a sightseeing tour of a building with a legend? Here we propose a tour of magical places where you will be surprised at every step.
Enchanted castles and palaces around the world

Enchanted palaces and castles are in cities, regions, and countries around the world. There is no place that does not have its own history or legend. If you are one of those who enjoys a good ghost story while touring spectacular buildings, you cannot miss the places that we show you here.

We take a small route through a series of castles and palaces from all eras whose visit you will love. And who knows if you will be able to meet one of its most famous and terrifying inhabitants.

1. Haunted castles and palaces: Glamis in Scotland

Glamis Castle
Glamis Castle

It is one of the most famous spooky castles in Scotland. It dates from the beginning of the 15th century and its origin would be in a hunting lodge that must already exist in the 11th century. In fact, his most famous ghost, Earl Beardie, was related to the hunting world.

Known in life as Alexander Lindsay, he was the Earl of Crawford, a cruel nobleman who mistreated his servants and anyone who stood before him. Legend has it that he came to hunt down one of his servants as if he were an animal with the help of his dogs and his friends. He died after a night of revelry and letters in which he affirmed that he would continue to play even with the devil himself.

Many more ghosts populate his rooms and it was chosen by Shakespeare as the setting for his play Macbeth. In addition, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret of England were born there.

2. The Linares Palace in Madrid

Palacio de Linares de Madrid, one of the enchanted palaces and castles
Linares Palace

The Linares Palace is another of the enchanted palaces and castles that you should know if you like legends. There lived the Marquises of Linares, José Murga and Raimunda de Osorio y Ortega. They built their palace on land that they bought from the Madrid City Council.

Legend has it that the secret daughter of the Marquis was born there: Raimunda. And it was secret because the marriage had discovered that they really were brothers. Pope Pius IX had granted them a bull that allowed them to live together, but in chastity. However, unaware of their kinship, they had already sired a girl.

So, they decided to kill her. And since then his laments can be heard in the halls of this beautiful building, which eventually became Casa de América.

3. The Lecumberri palace in Mexico

Entrance to the Lecumberri palace
Lecumberri Palace

This palace went from being a residence to a penitentiary. Its capacity for 800 people was soon exceeded and it had more than 5,000 prisoners in tiny rooms, so many had to sleep standing up. It is a place of horror and dread in which, they say, there are multiple appearances of former prisoners who died in their cells and corridors.

After its use as a prison, the palace was used as the General Archive of the Nation of Mexico. Today it can be visited by researchers, but also by tourists who want to see this beautiful palace and its exhibitions.

4. Predjama Castle in Slovenia

Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle

It is a castle located on a cliff and at the very entrance of a huge natural cave. It is a most peculiar place that you must visit if you like enchanted palaces and castles. And, in addition to its imposing architecture, this Slovenian castle also offers you a legend.

Its legend has as protagonist Erasmus of Predjama. He is an Italian character who, in addition to being a knight, was a bandit on the roads of the Kras region, in Slovenia. There he dedicated himself to raiding caravans of rich merchants to distribute his booty among the poorest. All a Robin Hood.

The castle and the labyrinth of caves and passages below it allowed him to protect himself from everything, including Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg, whom he also robbed. However, the betrayal of one of his servants caused his death.

5. Egaña in Rauch, another of the enchanted castles and palaces

Egaña Palace
Egaña Palace – Alemasoria / Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Castillo de San Francisco, it is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its construction dates from the beginning of the 20th century and it was a rural mansion in which a reformatory later functioned. Its interior remains abandoned, but its gardens were renovated by the landscaper Carlos Thays and today it is an ideal place to walk or go on a picnic.

It is one of the favorite places for researchers of the paranormal and each of its rooms and corners is the protagonist of some legend. Would you dare to visit it?

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