Doha: A Visit To The Luxurious Capital Of Qatar

Doha is a destination of true luxury. For this reason, many take advantage of the stopovers of their flights to discover the city.
Doha: a visit to the luxurious capital of Qatar

Doha is one of those cities that has become the epicenter of luxury and modernity thanks to the wealth provided by the fossil fuels of the Persian Gulf. A place where ostentation is the norm. Everything is done in a big way, with the best materials and with the great designers and architects. So it can always be an attractive place for a different visit.

The most exclusive tourism in Doha

The truth is that Doha is not a common holiday destination. Among other things because the capital of Qatar has a very high standard of living, and that is not available to everyone.

However, if you have a fairly healthy portfolio, it can be an interesting option for a vacation full of glamor. Great hotels, the most exclusive experiences, scandalous shopping and Asian luxury await you here, never better.

The regular visit to Doha

View of the Pearl in Doha
Pearl Island in Doha

However, do not be fooled, this type of tourist is not the most common, and it may not be your case. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t discover the charms of Doha. There are alternatives

There is a type of trip to the capital of Qatar that is the most common way to get to know it. And it is making a stopover on a transcontinental flight in his company, Qatar Airways. It links numerous destinations between Europe, Africa and Asia.

Many travelers schedule their flights on this multi-hour layover. Sometimes they even include one night so that you can take a more leisurely tour of Doha.

In fact, free and guided tours of the city are scheduled from Hamad airport, to take advantage of the hours of that stopover. Of course, even if the visit is free, pay attention to the needs of the visa, depending on your origin.

The guided tour of Doha

We are going to pretend that you sign up for this tour of Doha and we are going to tell you what you will see on this tour. Do not lose detail.

The Corniche

View of Doha from the Corniche
View of Doha from The Corniche

Doha’s waterfront, La Corniche, is one of the areas that will dazzle you first. It is the place with the most emblematic image of today’s Qatar. That is, from here you will see the avant-garde skyline of Doha’s skyscrapers, which surround its 5 kilometers of bay.

Some of the most prestigious architects of today have erected their grandiose buildings there. And their modernity contrasts with the typical Doha ships that sail before them. They are called “dhows”.

The Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islamic Art in Doha
Museum of Islamic Art – Christine und Hagen Graf /

A must-see in present-day Doha is its Museum of Islamic Art. The visit is free and allows you to see one of the best collections of this type of art. There are pieces from around the world and Islamic history, including the Nasrid palace of the Alhambra in Granada.

Its interior, like everything in Doha, is lavish. But so is its exterior, designed by the architect Pei, creator of the iconic Louvre Pyramid.

Katara Cultural Center

Mosque at the Katara Cultural Center in Doha
Mosque at the Katara Cultural Center – Minas Stratigos /

Another of Doha’s most acclaimed cultural institutions is this cultural center, which introduces us to many of the local customs. In fact, the site is also called the Village of Culture and Creation. And it is a space with an intense program, where there is no shortage of exhibitions or concerts.

The Waqif Souk

As in any Arab souk, also in this one in Doha you can buy any merchandise. Of course, with the relevant haggling. But the Souk Waqif has a peculiarity that makes it special, it is its cleanliness and its order.  Even the usual yelling from buyers and sellers, it seems like it’s at a low volume here.

To go with more time to Doha

Interior of the Villaggio Mall in Doha
Villaggio Mall – Cassim Shepard /

What we have presented are the usual stops on the fastest tour of Doha. But if you have more time, then it is also possible to go to the Doha Mall, which is a great shopping center.

There, the waste of means leaves one speechless. It is a mixture of a lot of money, admiration for the West and a taste for the most kitsch . It is better to know it than to describe it.

Instead, a much more impressive and authentic experience is to take a tour of the neighboring desert. Yes, because at a short distance from this city that at times seems from the future, the sands of the Arabian desert begin.

You will enter a landscape as harsh as it is suggestive. A place that, when discovered, even on a short excursion, remains etched in the memory forever.

The souks, the famous traditional Arab markets

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