Discover The Polar Bears At The Assiniboine Zoo

Polar bears are the main animals in this Canadian zoo. And, in addition, they live in an enclosure specially adapted to observe them.
Discover the polar bears at the Assiniboine Zoo

We traveled to Winnipeg, Canada, to visit the Assiniboine Zoo. Currently, it is one of the most important places in terms of conservation of animal species from the Arctic Circle. And we especially talk about polar bears. Ready for an experience in the Canadian mountains?

This zoo is one of the most famous places in Canada, precisely because of the great wealth of species that inhabit it. Little by little, it has become a great place to spend a day with the family. Here you can enjoy animal exhibits, events and activities for the little ones.

Assiniboine Zoo, nature in Canada

Polar bear at Assinoboine zoo
Polar Bear – Dinah Agustine /

The Assiniboine Zoo  opened its doors in 1904. In its beginnings, few species inhabited, mainly deer, bison and elk. Over time, the budget increased and with it the variety of animals.

At the end of the century, specimens of 77 different species lived here, both birds, reptiles and mammals. And the improvement of the Assiniboine Zoo provided new enclosures for other animals, such as monkeys, gibbons, koalas, camels, zebras, etc.

Over time, the zoo expanded and is currently home to more than 300 different species of animals, as well as a botanical garden with more than 8,000 flowers and trees from around the world. It is also a venue for multiple events.

The surroundings of the park are of great beauty.  The enclosure is still surrounded by mountains and a small pond, along with forests and natural spaces. All the beauty of Canada at your fingertips!

The most special place in the zoo: polar bears

Polar bear swimming at the Assiniboine Zoo
Polar Bear Enclosure – Erik Araújo /

Among the many species that the Assiniboine Zoo is home to, there is a special enclosure for polar bears. The first specimen arrived in 1935, a puppy named Carmichel. Four years later, one more arrived, and in 1967 the enclosure was expanded to accommodate three more bears.

Currently, this polar bear enclosure is one of the most famous in the park, since it allows us to know how these northern animals live. It has been enabled to fully recreate its natural habitat.

Along with polar bear species, arctic foxes and wolves also inhabit. It is one of the most important arctic animal exhibitions in the world due to the variety of species it contains.

Why visit the Assiniboine Zoo?

Arctic fox at Assinoboine Zoo
Arctic Fox – Sarah Brown /

If you like nature and want to spend a great day with your family, a visit to the Assiniboine Zoo may be a perfect plan. Since you have come to Canada, it is a good time to enjoy the variety of the park, the events and animal exhibits.

Along with the animals, you can also take a walk through its immense garden, where you can see unique species gathered in the same park. On the other hand, you can enjoy the enclosure taking a bike ride  or having a picnic outdoors. And for the little ones, there is a children’s play area.

For the rest, we can only tell you when to visit the Assiniboine Zoo. Open from March to mid-October is open from 9 to 18 hours, and the rest of the year 10 to 16 hours. It opens every day, except December 25.

As for fees, admission is Canadian $20 for adults; children 11 dollars and young people, students and retirees about 17, approximately.

Take advantage of Canada’s taste of nature to visit a park full of life and unique species. If you have children, you already have the perfect plan. They will have a wonderful day surrounded by animals that are not seen anywhere. Especially the white polar bears!

Canada will leave you speechless

Main Photography: Roman Boldyrev /

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