Discover The Maltese Archipelago: How To Get There, What To Eat And What To Visit

History, heritage, wonderful beaches and a great climate have made Malta one of the great destinations in the Mediterranean.
Discover the Maltese archipelago: how to get there, what to eat and what to visit

The Maltese archipelago is made up of three islands in the heart of the Mediterranean. And it has become a good destination to visit at any time of the year. Its pleasant climate, the tranquility of its towns and cities, affordable prices and its great cultural and tourist interest attract millions of visitors.

How to get to the archipelago of Malta

Getting to Malta does not have a great complication, it is an island country perfectly connected with the rest of Europe. Let’s see it.

The fastest way: the plane

Malta, one of the best destinations for the summer
Comino, Malta – science photo

The cheapest and fastest method of getting to Malta is by plane. Many low cost companies operate from Spain. And of course also from the UK, Ireland or Italy. They will allow you to reach the Malta airport in just under two hours.

In addition, the airport is located about 6 kilometers from Valletta, the capital. So in a couple of hours you will go from being in the center of Barcelona or Rome to enjoying the golden sun in Maltese lands.

Another alternative: arrive by sea

Also, more and more cruise ships include Malta in their itinerary. Although you probably have much less time to get to know the island, it will be enough for the capital. It can also be reached by boats that leave from southern Italy, Sicily, Genoa or Marseille.

What to eat in Malta

Due to the history of the Maltese archipelago, its gastronomy has influences from other countries. For example, of Italian and Anglo-Saxon cuisine. If you are one of those people who think that local cuisine is another way to get to know the culture of the country, keep reading.

Timpana, typical Maltese dish
Timpana – Inkwina / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most traditional main dishes is timpana. A good example of the Italian influence on Maltese gastronomy. It is a plate of macaroni stuffed with meat, covered in puff pastry.

You should also try Tal-Armla soppa, a vegetable soup served alongside typical Maltese cheeses. And speaking of soups, we must not forget the aljotta,  a soup of fish, garlic, tomatoes and other herbs, among which the marjoram stands out.

But the star dish of Maltese gastronomy is undoubtedly  Stuffa Tal Fenek. The preparation of this dish is long. They first marinate the rabbit meat and then cook it for hours. Thus, they make it melt in your mouth with an exquisite flavor. A Maltese delicacy worth tasting.

Other typical dishes of the gastronomy of the Maltese archipelago are lampuki, a very common fish; and the bragioli , very fine veal fillets made into rolls and filled with a mixture of spices, egg and breadcrumbs.

Don’t forget the appetizers and dessert

Gbejniet typical of Malta
Gbejniet – Chattacha / Wikimedia Commons

There are also many traditional appetizers and desserts that you have to try. Among them, we recommend pastizzi and gbejniet  for aperitifs.

For dessert, nothing like imqaret , helwa tat-tork, and kannoli. As you have seen, Maltese gastronomy is very rich and varied, so be well organized to give yourself time to taste everything.

Places in Malta that you cannot miss

Now that we have recovered our strength, it is time to tour the Maltese archipelago. There is much to see on its three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. These are some of the places that you must visit yes or yes.


Valletta in Malta
Valletta – Apostolis Giontzis

The capital has become one of the most famous places in Malta. In this small city you will find many places of interest and impressive buildings. All of them are part of a baroque and timeless picture bathed in the golden sun.

There are many places that you cannot miss in Valletta. We start with the fort of San Elmo  and the Palace of the Grand Master. We continue with the Co-Cathedral of San Juan and San Pablo. And we continue with the so-called “hostels”, like the one in Castilla, which were headquarters of branches of the Order of the Knights of Malta.

If you have time, also visit the National Museum of Archeology and the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Mdina and Rabat

Medina in the archipelago of Malta
Mdina – Calin Stan

These neighboring cities constitute two of the main tourist attractions. They are placed next to each other. In theory, Mdina was the city and Rabat its suburbs. From Valletta you can get there by bus and the journey only takes about 35 minutes.

Mdina is a beautiful walled city, which was home to the noble families of Malta. For its part, different religious orders were established in Rabat. Both cities show a good part of the artistic and historical treasures of the archipelago.


Marsaxlokk in the Maltese archipelago
Marsaxlokk – kavalenkava

It is a fishing village that is located about 13 kilometers south of the capital. It is the largest fishing port on the island and, for that very reason, it is the perfect place to taste fish and typical Maltese food. In addition, an open-air market is organized every Sunday. If you have time, stop by!

The cities we have seen are on the main island, Malta. But of course, if you have enough time, we recommend visiting the other islands: Gozo and Comino. You will find towns full of charm and magical places, such as the Blue Lagoon.

In addition, Malta has many beaches with turquoise water and fine sands, as well as very picturesque rocky beaches that are worth exploring. All of this makes Malta a destination with so much to offer that will delight any traveler.

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