Discover The Beauty Of Iceland, More Than A Snow Country

Iceland is a land of ice, but also a land of fire. Land that hides incredible landscapes. Let’s see some of them.
Discover the beauty of Iceland, more than a snow country

Iceland is famous for being a country of spectacular landscapes. A cold country, of glaciers and ice caves. But it is much more than that. We want to show you the beauty of Iceland in places that you will enjoy in very different ways. Are you coming with us?

Enjoy the beauty of Iceland

Every place in the world stands out for something, but this country is special. It is because of the variety of landscapes that you can discover in it, and there are really breathtaking ones. We show you some of the things you must do to enjoy all the beauty of Iceland.

1. Bathing in the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik
Blue Lagoon – Sarah Ackerman /

It is an artificial geothermal lake and one of the places in the world where you can bathe all year round at 40º C. Imagine the contrast you will feel when you submerge after having traveled a snowy path.

The turquoise beauty of its waters is unmatched. A color that stands out amid the gray of a volcanic landscape. Waters, by the way, with properties for health, especially for the skin.

It has several places to enter and as its size is impressive, you will not have problems if there are too many people. It is not surprising that it has not only become one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the country, but also the most photographed place.

2. Photograph the geysers

Great Geyser in Iceland

In Iceland you can visit what was once one of the largest and most famous geysers, Geysir. It came to throw water more than two hundred meters high, but stopped doing so decades ago. Some say that it is due to the enormous amount of stones that tourists threw inside it for years.

But don’t worry, in the Haukadalur Valley there are many other geysers that you can see in action. One of them is the Strokkur, which throws water more than 25 meters high every few minutes. No matter which one you are lucky enough to witness, keep a camera in hand because they are all impressive.

3. Listen to the sound of the waterfall of the Gods

Godafoss waterfall in Iceland
Godafoss – greenzowie /

It is one of the great expressions of Icelandic beauty. The Godafoss waterfall has become one of the most important landmarks in the country. An impressive natural spectacle that will surprise you with its strength and power, even though it only has a drop of twelve meters.

It is known as the ‘waterfall of the Gods’ by a popular legend. She says that all the pagan symbols were thrown into her when it was decided that Iceland should convert to Christianity.

4. Enter Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall and one of the most photographed in the country. You can walk behind the waterfalls, some of which reach 60 meters in height, impressive!

The green of its surroundings will allow you to connect with nature on another level and enjoy an incredible excursion. If you are lucky and it is a sunny day, you will see the rainbow trying to cut through the water of these majestic falls.

5. Enjoy Gullfoss

Gullfoss in Iceland
Gullfoss – Roser Martínez /

We continue talking about the beauty of Iceland reflected in its waterfalls. If you have already been doing a little research on the country, you may have noticed that everyone is talking about Gullfoss, and it is no wonder, it is the most imposing waterfall you can imagine.

It is not exceptionally tall, but its shape and strength have made it unique. The waterfall was formed by the rupture of the Earth’s plates. Thus, the water falls in three sections : two curved steps of low height and a deep crevice of more than 30 meters high.

6. Delve into Raufarholshellir

Raufarholshellir in Iceland
Raufarholshellir Tunnel

Iceland is a country of contrasts, not least they call it the ‘land of ice and fire’ and Raufarholshellir is proof of this. It is a straight-line lava tunnel that will immerse you in an exciting journey. In it you can see some ice candles while still enjoying the strange formations caused by the lava.

7. Meet the puffins in Latrabjarg

Latrabajarg, part of Iceland's beauty
Latrabjarg Cliffs

Latrabjarg are some beautiful cliffs.  In them you will not only be able to enjoy the beauty and sound of the waters hitting the rocks, but you will also enjoy various birds and their peculiar sounds.

And here you can see puffins in their habitat . They are birds with a penguin appearance, but with large orange legs and a long bicolor orange and black beak. They are very nice, so taking a photo of them will not be a problem.

Did you like this tour to discover the beauty of Iceland? Do you think it is worth including it in your list of next destinations?

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