Discover Cairo, A Fascinating City

Discover Cairo, a fascinating city

Between the chaos of Cairo and its sheer size, there is its overwhelming history. The majesty of its monuments makes it a great destination for lovers of cultural tourism. Visiting it is making an extraordinary journey to the vestiges of Egyptian civilization, where the ancient and the modern dance, turning this cradle of civilizations into a cosmopolitan city, known as the “Jewel of the East”. We are going to discover Cairo , will you join us?

Cairo, Egypt’s most important city

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and its most populous city. According to its population index (almost 20 million inhabitants), it is the thirteenth most populated city on the planet.

Cairo – Mohamed Hakem

Cairo was founded by Amr Ibn Al As, who in 642 reached the Nile and built “El Fustat” (The Camp), present-day Cairo. After the independence of Egypt, this ancient city was named capital in 1952.

In Cairo, its historic center, its museums, bazaars and mosques taste like history. Nearby are the pyramids of Giza. It is worth tolerating the chaos of this huge city to be able to admire these incredible vestiges of ancient civilizations that have survived the passage of thousands of years.

Essential monuments to see in Cairo

1. Pyramids of Giza

Giza in Egypt
Giza- Waj

One of the most impressive and visited monuments in Cairo are the pyramids of Giza. They can be seen from various points of the city. The one of Cheops is the biggest, with 150 meters of height; the Pyramid of Khafre, is the best preserved and that of Menkaure is the smallest, but the most famous because next to it is the imposing Sphinx.

They are so visited that they have suffered damage and wear, to such an extent that the Egyptian government has proposed closing their interior and building replicas for their preservation. In fact, only two of them are currently open.

2. The Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum in Cairo
Egyptian Museum – Adrian Lindley

This incredible museum houses more than 120,000 pieces, a collection recognized as one of the most fascinating archaeological exhibits in the world. The collection is of objects from the pharaonic period, where the most remarkable thing is the treasure of Tutankamon, located in the upper part of the building.

The museum is immense, to see it in its entirety it takes at least a week. On the first floor are the sculptures and sarcophagi that show 3,000 years of history. There are 48 rooms arranged in chronological order. On the upper floor, as we mentioned, is the treasure of Tutankhamun and it consists of all the elements with which the pharaoh was buried.

3. Philae Temple

Philae Temple
Philae Temple – Certe

This magnificent temple is dedicated to the goddesses Isis. It is located on the island of Agilkia, in the Nile River, where it was transferred stone by stone from its original location, affected by the construction of the Aswan Dam. It is one of the most beautiful and visited temples in Cairo.

4. Mosques of Cairo

Muhammad Ali Mosque in Cairo
Muhammad Ali Mosque – Alberto Loyo

Mosques are must-see monuments for their architectural beauty. These constructions tell everything about the predominant religion, the Islamic. Although there are many, the most beautiful are the Alabaster or Mohamed Ali mosque, in the heart of the city, and that of Ibn Tulun.

5. The Giza Zoo

The Giza Zoo is a prominent green space in a city that is not known for its parks and gardens. It has more than 400,000 square meters where there is a large collection of endangered animals and native species of the country, both animals and plants. It is the largest and oldest zoo in Egypt.

6. The river Nile

Cairo – Lachlan von Nubia

With more than 6,600 kilometers it is the longest in Africa and one of the two longest in the world, along with the Amazon. The Nile was central to the flourishing of Ancient Egyptian civilization. Most of the population of the country and all its cities are found along the valley of this immense river.

7. Opera building

The Opera building stands out in the complex of the National Cultural Center. They are buildings that are dedicated to theater, dance, opera and music. A complex located on the island of Gezira.

This is Cairo, chaotic, mysterious, full of ancient history and the cradle of civilizations. Worth a visit.

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