Destinations For Millennials. What Places Do You Dream Of?

They were born between the 80s and the turn of the century. A generation marked by new technologies and high values. What destinations are ideal for them?
Destinations for millennials.  What places do you dream of?

Years ago it was said that children came with bread under their arms, today we say that they come with a mobile. Times change and the way of life and the interests of people, too. A new generation known as millennials has arrived , a generation very different from the previous ones. We talk about the most attractive destinations for millennials.

1. Destinations for millennials : the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Blue Lagoon – The Moment Collector /

This generation values ​​nature more, and also tries much more to take care of it. That is why some of her vacation destinations have to do with her. One can be this Blue Lagoon, an idyllic place where not only will the best selfies be taken , but they will also be able to enjoy a natural environment in its purest state.

As a curious fact, we tell you that although bathing in this lagoon is free, the water is renewed every 40 hours, making it one of the most hygienic places to bathe in the world.

2. The pyramids of Egypt

Pyramid of Giza
Giza Pyramid – Orhan Cam

Although many do not believe, and the like past generations, the millennials  also wonder where we came from . This is why one of his dream destinations is the pyramids of Giza, in Egypt.

It is a true trip to the past, to the beginning of the civilizations that have brought us to where we are. But why fool yourself? Many of the non- millennials also want to go to Giza!

3. The Chinese Wall

Great wall china
Great Wall – David Almeida /

They say that millennials cannot live without a mobile, but we are sure that when they arrive at one of the most impressive man-made constructions, they will leave it in their pocket and forget about it. Well, they may remember it just to take photos.

One of the destinations for millennials that is always worth considering, regardless of the generation you belong to, that is true.

4. Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay in Australia
Byron Bay – Richard Rydge /

Undoubtedly, this original destination will be the focus of attention of the millennials’ social networks , and for this reason it is one of the most chosen. A silent environment away from the pollution and noise of the streets, with a lighthouse that adorns a small hill that dies in the sea. Can you think of a better place to spend a vacation?

5. South of France

Provence – Matheus Swanson /

Enjoying the natural landscapes of this area of ​​France is another wish of the new generation of the 21st century. Having a picnic, strolling through the green meadows and enjoying nature and the rural surroundings make this destination an unrepeatable experience.

6. Route 66, United States

Spectacular highways, Route 66
Route 66 – Randy Heinitz /

This famous highway that runs through much of the United States is the destination dreamed of by many. Some want to hitchhike through it , others by car and some by motorcycle. How will millennials want to do it ? We do not know that, but what we are sure of is that visiting it is one of your dreams.

7. Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Dubai – Gilbert Sopakuwa / Flickr. com

The city, famous for its businesses and its incredible financial expansion, is one of the most desired destinations for millennials  , and not only to go on vacation, but also to live. The opportunities for projects, work and elitist experiences is what characterizes the millionaire city, in which every millennial would like to enter.

8. India

Ranakpur Temple

While this was not a very influential destination in other decades, since the 21st century arrived and its new generation of millennials it has become one of the most sought after. India is full of contrasts in all aspects, a place to get bored and immerse yourself in a culture very different from ours.

9. South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa, one of the destinations for millennials
Cape Town – michaeljung

An impressive place to enjoy the most exotic and exquisite flora and fauna. This is joined by cities as unique as Cape Town. All this makes South Africa one of the most attractive destinations for millennials , as they seek nature and fun for their vacations.

Whether you are a millennial or not, these destinations have fascinated you. You just have to take good note, visit one of them and discover why they interest the new generation of the 21st century so much.

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