Dare To Know The Most Popular Neighborhoods Of Madrid

In a city as big as Madrid there are very different neighborhoods. We are going to visit the best known, those that have something that makes them special.
Get to know the most popular neighborhoods of Madrid

We are going to get to know the most popular neighborhoods of Madrid, to make the most of the visit to the Spanish capital. Each of them has something different, their own charm and their own customs. That is the magic of Madrid, that each place is different and that the sum of all is what makes this city one of the most special in Spain.

Some information about the neighborhoods of Madrid

Puerta del Sol in Madrid
Sun Gate

Madrid has a population of three million inhabitants. For the organization of such a large city, years ago it was organized into districts. And each district is divided, in turn, into neighborhoods.

In total, in Madrid there are 21 different districts and more than 130 neighborhoods. The size of these depends on the size of the district. For example, the Fuencarral-El Pardo district, which is the largest, is not the same as Chamberí, one of the smallest.

The most popular neighborhoods in Madrid

Each neighborhood is distinguished by having specific characteristics. It depends on its location on the map, its proximity or distance from the center, etc. However, there is a list of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid that we recommend you follow during your visit. Ready?

1. Madrid Center

Plaza Mayor of Madrid
Plaza Mayor of Madrid

It is the neighborhood that we have all inevitably stepped on at some time when we have gone to Madrid. For something is the meeting point. In the center of everything is the Puerta del Sol, which is where kilometer 0 is. From there, different squares arise connected by pedestrian streets or important arteries, such as Gran Vía.

First, you discover the Plaza Mayor, passing through Calle Mayor in the direction of the Royal Palace. And in between, the Plaza de Isabel II, where the Madrid Opera is located. This area is known as Madrid de los Austrias.

In addition, here we find a multitude of restaurants and shops. It is an area full of bustle at all hours, the streets are always full of people from different places. A unique experience that mixes the classic and the touristy.

2. La Latina

La Laltina, one of the neighborhoods of Madrid
La Latina neighborhood – Jon Jackson / Flickr.com

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid, partly because it is one of the oldest. It is known for being the ideal place to go for tapas. Along its old but renovated streets, with alleys and labyrinths, there are many bars and restaurants.

In them you can try the most popular dishes in Madrid: broken eggs, patatas bravas, squid sandwiches … A delight! But above all, what makes this neighborhood special is that it is a mix between the traditional and the bohemian. In addition, there are many entertainment options in the surrounding area.

3. Malasaña

Store in Malasaña
Malasaña – TRI / Flickr.com

This is, without a doubt, another of the best known neighborhoods in Madrid, a neighborhood full of life, history and culture. It is the point of origin of the “movida madrileña”. It is one of the most common party areas, where you will find the cheapest and most different restaurants, although there are also gourmet options .

But above all, Malasaña is a meeting point for cultures, art, customs and ways of life. In Malasaña you will find people of all kinds: from hippies to modern, through cartoonists and street musicians. Strolling through its streets or visiting the Plaza del Dos de Mayo are mandatory activities. Do not stand without trying it!

4. Chueca

Chueca, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid
Chueca – _. / Flickr.com

As with Malasaña, Chueca is another of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid, and all for its nightlife. It is a meeting point for lovers of the night and partying. Practically the entire neighborhood is crossed by its pedestrian streets. A neighborhood with tradition, like La Latina.

But there is something that makes it even more unique: it  is the neighborhood with the most LGTB atmosphere, the scene of the Gay Pride Day Festival. And in each celebration, the streets fill with people who travel from far away just to enjoy those days.

5. Lavapies

Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid
Lavapiés neighborhood – Manuel / Wikiemdia Commons

Located very close to the Latina neighborhood, Lavapiés is a neighborhood that transports you to different countries at the same time. It is the ideal place to live experiences that allow you to connect with other cultures of the world.

In this neighborhood you will find restaurants of all kinds (Indian, Turkish, Greek …). Also places to have a good brunch and bars. In its streets there are also stores selling foreign products, places to get tattoos, cultural centers, etc. An eclectic mix that attracts the attention of many.

So far our list of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid. We would still recommend Argüelles to go shopping, Casa de Campo to enjoy nature, Salamanca to walk, and the Barrio de las Letras or Huertas to enjoy art at its best. Incredible options that Madrid has, right?

Getting around Madrid, become an expert

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