Croatia In 7 Days: What You Can’t Miss

Croatia is a country with wonderful corners. A week is a short time to enjoy all of them, but at least it allows you to know their greatest attractions.
Croatia in 7 days: what you can't miss

Touring the entire territory of Croatia in 7 days is a highly recommended experience to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. It is a country that has everything to satisfy the traveler. It has a very attractive heritage, an exciting history, magnificent beaches, unique cities and people eager to treat visitors with kindness.

A plan to see Croatia in 7 days

In reality, if time and money allow it, due to the attractions of Croatia, the size of the country and, above all, due to its morphology with thousands of islands, we could easily be there for three or four weeks. But you have to be realistic, and that is not always possible, so we have prepared an intense tour for you to discover Croatia in 7 days.

First day on the Opatija Riviera

Volosko on the Opatija Riviera, Croatia
Volosko on the Opatija Riviera

Let’s start with the coast of the Istrian peninsula. Perhaps it is not the most popular area in Croatia, and possibly that is why it is a great start to our vacation. There the elegant city of Opatija awaits us, with its charm from other times.

And we will also find other very welcoming towns on the coast, such as Lovran or Moscenika Draga. And we must mention the historic city of Pula, in the south of the peninsula, with its spectacular Roman ruins.

Second day in Zagreb

Zagreb Central Square
Zagreb Central Square

Practically our entire tour of Croatia will run along the Adriatic Sea, but we are going to reserve some day to go inland and reach its capital, the historic Zagreb. Its attractions have been hidden under the magic of other Croatian places, but this city is worth discovering.

There, for example, places as spectacular as Kapitol or Josipa Jelacica await us. Not to mention Mestrovic’s studio, Maksimir Park or the Mimara Museum.

Third day on the Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
Plitvice Lakes

We continue in the interior of Croatia, but now visiting its most amazing national park, the one featuring the waterfalls and waterfalls of the Plitvice lakes. It is a spectacular karst landscape, for many the great Croatian jewel.

Prepare good footwear to walk through this area and carry the empty camera card, because you will take hundreds of photos in an enclave that at times seems like a fairytale set.

Fourth day in Split

Diocletian's Palace in Split
Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Following our tour of Croatia in 7 days, we finally return to the shores of the sea, and we do so arriving in the city of Split. A city that actually arises thanks to a gigantic Roman palace : Diocletian’s palace.

The truth is that all its old town, everything! It was the palace of this emperor who chose such a paradisiacal place for his retirement. However, that construction over the centuries has been occupied, and today people live there, there are bars, hotels, shops, churches, museums … You have to see it, because it is difficult to explain.

Fifth day on the island of Brac

Zlatni Rat beach in Kraocia
Zlatni Rat Beach

Ferries constantly depart from the port of Split to the islands scattered off the Dalmatian coast. There are hundreds and you have to choose well. So we opted to go to the island of Brac. Why? Because it hides one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, and even in all of Europe: Zlatni Rat.

Sixth day on the island of Korcula

View of Korcula in Croatia

We cannot resist and we are going to visit another island in Croatia. Now we have Korcula, which according to many could be the birthplace of Marco Polo. But this is an old contest between Venetians and Croats.

The fact is that the city of Korcula itself is a first-rate heritage complex, where the Cathedral of San Marcos, palaces and historical towers are kept. Besides that very close you can cool off on Lumbarda beach.

Seventh day in Dubrovnik

Walls of Dubrovnik in Croatia

And we finish off our tour to see Croatia in 7 days in its most coveted destination. The historic city of Dubrovnik. A beautiful walled medieval city in which everything is maintained as if centuries had not passed. Except for the detail that there are hundreds of businesses inside, and it is that perhaps its tourist exploitation is excessive.

However, the beauty and charm of this city are so great that it would be inexcusable to take a trip to Croatia and not visit Dubrovnik.

Pula, the essence of Ancient Rome in Croatia

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