Cities Of The Past That Still Exist

Cities of the past that still exist

In the world there are cities of the past with a lot of history, important cities in ancient times that have now become metropolises  that retain, despite everything, the initial charm of their ancient times. We are going to know some of them.

What were busy settlements centuries ago are currently urban centers of enormous tourist appeal, thanks to the fact that they perfectly combine tradition and innovation, past and future. All these cities of the past undeniably show us the splendor that resided in them yesterday and today.

Cities of the past in Europe: cradle of civilizations

Rome, city of cities

It is not said of it that it is the Eternal City for no reason, as Rome hides many legends in each of its corners. The seat of the ancient Roman Empire was influenced in successive times in almost every field.

View of the Colosseum in Rome
Colosseum in Rome – Viacheslav Lopatin

Three millennia have passed on its roads and today we can still enjoy, thanks to a hard work of restoration and conservation, architectural works and artistic pieces of incalculable value and quality. For this reason it is one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

You have to walk through its streets and squares discovering hidden fountains in which to toss a coin with the promise of coming back while sipping a creamy ice cream or visiting the Colosseum and imagining bloody gladiator fights astonishing us at the powerful acoustics of the place.

St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican – Matteo Gabrieli

You also have to drop by St. Peter’s Square, in the nearby enclave of Vatican City, marveling at the purest classicism. These are just a few examples of all that Rome can bring to the avid traveler.

And it is that everything in her smells of romance, of that sweet secret kiss between two lovers in a dimly lit alley. If to all this we add that it is the home of pizza and pasta, we will understand why this beautiful metropolis is one of the most requested destinations.

Athens, civic model

Throughout the centuries, there has been no more thoroughly admired model of civilization than the Hellenic. The Greek Empire had a huge impact on politics and education.

View of the Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis, Athens – S.Borisov

Athens was the epicenter of the earthquake that shook the pillars of thought of its time, as well as of successive ones. The first settlers of this nerve center date back more than 3000 years. To this day it remains the capital of Greece and is a frequent choice for lovers of classical history and art.

The old town of such a distinguished town has numerous archaeological complexes such as the Acropolis or the Agora, as well as lots of temples dedicated to deities such as Zeus or Athena . We will have the opportunity to delight ourselves with the balance and serenity embodied in the architecture of these constructions.

Piraeus port in Athens
Piraeus Port – Milan Gonda

We can also enjoy the gentle breeze of the Atlantic coast in the port of Piraeus while we take a boat to the islands. The region has a wide commercial and cultural activity, with a wide range of leisure activities. To become part of it, you just have to have good taste and good humor.

Ribe, the unknown Viking

Southwest of Jutland is Denmark’s oldest city, Ribe. It is a small town that was born thanks to a settlement from the early Viking era, around 1,300 years ago. At that time, this town was one of the main Nordic trade points, largely due to its river port.

Ribe in Denmark
Ribe, Denmark – Frank Bach

Its conservation program makes it one of our cities of the past.  It is perfect for taking a walk back to the days when piracy was the order of the day, where runic scriptures and magical rites were almost a religion and where braids and long keel boats were all the rage.

Its Viking museum has recreations of this period. It is, without a doubt, the best way to fully understand this curious civilization, famous both for its misdeeds and for its conquests. Let the enchantment of its streets make us feel like authentic northern corsairs who are back home and let us toast to the success of our latest exploration.

A civilization that pointed to the Sun

Cairo, at the top of the pyramid

On the banks of the Nile is the largest urban center in the Middle East and Africa, a fundamental pillar on which centuries of cultural and technical advances were based, Cairo. The capital of Egypt, another of our cities of the past, was founded more than 2000 years ago and  contains a colossal display of Egyptian art and life from the Pharaonic era in its many museums.

Alabaster Mosque in Cairo
Alabaster Mosque, Cairo – R Gombarik

The tourist will be able to immerse themselves inside the souks in search of handkerchiefs, glass pipes, jewelery, coffees, spices and slippers, perfect souvenirs to take home from this ancient land.

Already on the outskirts of, more specifically in the Giza necropolis, stands the pyramid of Cheops, an impassive witness to the passing of the centuries and the only wonder of the ancient world that still remains standing. It is a more than necessary getaway to glimpse the splendor of a mystical era. We cannot miss the sunset in front of such a solemn monument.

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