Castles Of England, History And Nature

Castles of England, history and nature

As soon as he steps on English lands, the traveler realizes the beauty of its landscapes, and even more because they are adorned with beautiful fortresses. England represent one of its greatest attractions. Let’s go through the nature and history of these interesting buildings, we are sure that you will be amazed by their beauty.

In England there are about 1400 castles. There are them on islets, on rocky headlands, others that look like medieval citadels located in the heart of historic cities, or remote in the countryside.

The castles of England have survived the centuries and they tell us those pieces of history, in the same places where they happened. Some have beautiful gardens or have been turned into fantastic hotels, others are said to be haunted and some seem to be fairytale settings.

Castles of England, nature and history

1. Windsor Castle

Located in Windsor, in the county of Berkshire, this is one of the most famous castles in England. It is a huge palatial construction of medieval origin that has been the home of the British Royal Family for almost 1,000 years  and is famous for being the preferred official residence of Henry VIII.

Windsor castle
Windsor Castle – sloukam

Inside are paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Canaletto and Gainsborough; the private apartments of Jorge IV; St George’s Chapel, where the tombs of 10 sovereigns, including Henry VIII, and the Dollhouse of Queen Mary are located.

2. The Tower of London

Built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the Tower of London represents Norman military architecture from the Middle Ages. In its beginnings it was a fortress, a prison and a powerful arsenal. Today it has become one of the main attractions in London and one of the most famous fortifications in the world.

Tower of London
Tower of London – Ratikova

The Tower of London preserves the legends of the people who have lived in it for almost ten centuries. One of its most curious legends is that of the six crows.  Since the 18th century it is believed that the White Tower has been kept standing thanks to these birds. If the crows disappeared, the building would fall along with the British monarchy.

According to this legend , the meticulous care and maintenance of crows was established by royal decree, which replace Munin, Branwen, Thor, Hugine, Baldrick and Gwyllum every 25 years, the average life span of these birds.

3. Warwick Castle

Warwick castle
Warwick Castle – Tony Brindley

Among its uses is that it was a fortress until the early seventeenth century, and then a country house, when it was granted to Sir Fulke Greville in 1604. Legend has it that his ghost still lives in the castle and that he was responsible for the death of one of the painters in one of its towers.

4. Dover Castle

Dover castle
Dover Castle – mary416

During the Tudor dynasty the structure of the castle was improved to face the attacks. In the 17th century the castle was of great importance during the English Civil War. It was also during the wars against Napoleon Bonaparte and in World War II.

5. Leeds Castle

Leeds castle
Leeds Castle – Henk Vrieselaar

Today it is a highly visited location, attractions include park and garden tours, an aviary, Knights Realm Adventure Play Park, Castle Craft Center, Grotto, Labyrinth Labyrinth, Golf Course and even a museum of dog collars.

6. Oxford Castle

Located in the city of Oxford, it was built by the Norman Baron Robert D’Oyly, in 1066. In its beginnings it functioned as a residence, then it was abandoned and later converted into the seat of the government and the county courts, to later function as a prison.

Oxford castle
Oxford Castle – Bufo

Currently it is a tourist and commercial attraction, where its patios are used for markets and theatrical performances. It also offers its visitors a hotel that transformed the old cells into luxurious rooms.

The castles of England, in addition to being located in impressive landscapes, tell an exciting part of the history of that country.  Among many others, this small selection represents the most important of England. Come and meet them!

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