Capri In Italy: One Of The Most Sought After Destinations

Capri is a quintessential Italian tourist city, and many visitors choose it every year. We invite you to discover its charms!
Capri in Italy: one of the most sought after destinations

Capri is known to be one of the jewels of Europe. This Italian island receives millions of tourists every year who seek not only to stroll through its picturesque villages, but also to be part of some of the most unique landscapes in the Mediterranean.

The island of Capri, in Italy, is divided into two municipalities: Capri and Anacapri. So, in this article of My Trip, we will cover the entire island to show you everything that we should not miss during the visit and understand why Capri is one of the most sought after destinations.

Visiting the municipality of Capri

Below, we offer you a complete list of places of interest. Here you can find a wide range of possibilities for all types of tourists, from those who decide to travel as a family to those willing to throw a backpack on their shoulders and explore this Italian island alone.

The Piazzeta

View of the Piazzeta of Capri

We start the tour by making a brief stop at the Piazzeta. In this small square we will find several bars and shops, where we can try and get typical products of the island.

La Piazzeta is the center of life in the municipality of Capri, so if we want to know better the customs of its inhabitants it is, without a doubt, one of the obligatory stops during the trip.

In addition, there is the Clock Tower, a building that is photographed by hundreds of tourists. We can also visit, near the Piazzeta, the church of San Stefano, built in the seventeenth century.

The Vittorio Emanuele road

Along with this emblematic street there are others of singular charm. In them we can find the luxury shops of the municipality. If we are willing to spend a little more, it is possible to get clothes from the great Italian designers.

In fact, if we continue walking along this street, we will reach the Cartuja de San Giacomo, built in the 14th century. This monastery is one of the oldest buildings on the island. For this reason, on occasions, itinerant art samples are exhibited inside.

The Gardens of Augustus and Belvedere Cannone

Gardens of Augustus in Capri

For those looking for the perfect photograph, we recommend visiting the Gardens of Augustus. In addition to its wide collection of native species, the gardens offer the possibility of contemplating impressive views of the sea, while the scent of flowers mixes with the sea breeze.

Not far from here, you will find one of the most famous viewpoints in the municipality of Capri: the Belvedere Cannone. We will reach it by going up a cobbled street until we reach the end of the route. There we can rest sitting on the benches and other kiosks to enjoy the landscape of the island.

The beaches of Capri

Beach in Capri

Among the best beaches in Capri are Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. Both offer white sand, crystal clear waters and the perfect water temperature for bathing regardless of the time of year.

The sea is usually always calm, so it is perfect to enjoy the peace or simply let the little ones play by the shore.

Visiting the municipality of Anacapri

In the same way, we have selected the places of greatest tourist interest in Anacapri to complete this visit to the island to the maximum. Among them is one of the favorite destinations for tourists on the entire island: the underwater caves.

The Rossa House

Casa Rossa in Anacapri

This building has a faulted of the color that gives it its name. It is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque in Anacapri, and it houses a wide collection of paintings related to the life, customs and landscapes of the island of Capri.

The Villa San Michele

This house was the home of Axel Munthe, a Swedish doctor who decided to make Anacapri his home. It has several floors and offers the public the possibility of seeing a collection of ancient Roman art such as columns and sarcophagi typical of the time.

In addition, it is surrounded by a large garden where we can walk, rest and observe one of the best views of the island. It is one of the most visited buildings by tourists, so we recommend visiting it first thing in the morning.

The Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

We finish the tour of the Island of Capri with one of its most attractive points for tourism. This underwater cave, which we can access by boat, hides a truly magical environment. The journey through its interior does not exceed five minutes in duration and the price per person is more than € 13. However, it is well worth it.

Near it, is the Green Grotto, which also takes its name from the color of its interior. This cave does not have as large an influx of tourists as the previous one, so it is a good option if we want to escape the crowds.

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