Capileira, A Beautiful Town In The Alpujarra

Capileira, a beautiful town in the Alpujarra

Capileira is one of the most visited and also most attractive towns in the Alpujarras region, that hidden gem in the interior of the province of Granada. The main charm of Capileira is its geographical location. We are talking about a place that is located on the very slopes of the Sierra Nevada, and not just anywhere, but rather on the slope of the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula, the Mulhacen peak.

Just to contemplate the views it is worth the trip to Capileira, but there much more awaits us. Follow us and we will show you. You are going to discover a charming town.

Capileira, Alpujarra jewel

Capileira street
Capileira – FCG

Many might think that once the Nasrid palace of the Alhambra has been visited, little else remains to be seen in the province of Granada. But they couldn’t be more wrong. This territory of Andalusia is full of charms, and one of them without a doubt is the region of the Alpujarras. A set of villages with difficult access, where progress certainly was slow in coming.

That condition clearly had drawbacks, but at the same time it was a great advantage. It is as if the passing of the centuries had stopped here decades ago, so we can find places that offer us a journey through history. That is the case of Capileira, one of the great jewels of the region and essential in any itinerary through the Alpujarras of Granada.

The historic center of Capileira

Capileira Church
Church of Santa María la Mayor – Natursports

One of the charms of visiting Capileira is wandering through its historic center, divided into three neighborhoods with zigzagging streets. However, in any of them we will find the most traditional Alpujarra architecture. A type of construction characterized by adaptation to the rugged territory and which always has facades with whitewash and flat roofs.

What is attractive is the whole, although  if a property in the entire nucleus had to be highlighted, that would be the Church of Santa María la Mayor. A Catholic temple with forms from the 18th century, although before there was a church built in the same place after the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. A church that, in turn, replaced a previous mosque.

The Ethnological Museum of Capileira

It can be said that the entire population has something of a museum, although there is an old mansion that fulfills that function properly. It is the Museum of Arts and Customs “Pedro Antonio de Alarcón”. In its two exhibition floors, you can see all kinds of traditional tools and supplies that have served to develop the economy and ways of life in these corners of the Granada province.

The Poqueira ravine

Poqueira ravine in Capileira
Poqueira ravine – JOSE RAMIRO LAGUNA

This ravine of Poqueira is where the municipality of Capileria is immersed. A territory that is also occupied by other emblematic towns of the Alpujarras such  as Pampaneira or Bubión.

All of them have a similar architecture and beautiful views of the southern part of the Sierra Nevada, but possibly Capileira has the best panoramic views, from the so-called Mirador.

Capileira, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada

Capileira and Bubión
Capileira and Bubión – Natursports

From the beginning we have said that one of the reasons to visit Capileira is to enjoy its surroundings. Something that must be done on foot. On the one hand, you can take the long-distance trail GR-240, the Sulayr trail.

This is a route that bears the Arabic name of Sierra Nevada, since they knew it as Sulayr, the mountain of the sun. Well, the GR-240 is a circular route of almost 300 kilometers throughout this mountain range, and one of its most outstanding stops throughout its 19 stages is Capileira.

Although not only can you go hiking from this town, you can also practice mountaineering and undertake the ascent to the peaks of La Veleta, at 3,395 meters, and to Mulhacén, at 3,482 meters of altitude, the highest altitude in all of peninsular Spain. .

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