Bayahibe In The Dominican Republic, Much More Than Beaches

Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic, much more than beaches

Bayahíbe is a beautiful fishing village in the Dominican Republic in which the tourist industry has made its way in an overwhelming way. It cannot be surprising, it has it all: spectacular beaches, a beautiful natural environment and a seabed of enormous wealth. Do you want to know Bayahibe

Bayahibe, a paradise

It is a perfect vacation destination for everyone. If you like diving, you will enjoy like a small child seeing the coral formations and the result of different shipwrecks in the area.

Bayahibe beach
Bayahíbe – Reinhard Link /

If you like the mountains, in the Parque Nacional del Este you will find impressive lagoons and wild fauna. And, especially, if you are a beach lover and looking for a relaxing vacation, in Bayahibe you will find your place as soon as you set foot in the city.

If we have already convinced you to spend your next vacation in Bayahibe, now the main questions will arise: how to get there? Where to stay? At what time? What do we do there? Now we answer all the doubts about this fantastic destination.

How to get to Bayahibe?

To get to Bayahibe there are different possibilities. The most used are the airports of Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, which are served by hundreds of airplanes from different parts of the world.

Both airports are at a similar distance from the city, although the best taxi prices are from Santo Domingo. There are also other smaller airports, such as those in Romana or Santiago.

What is the best time to travel to Bayahibe?

Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic
Bayahibe – Deb /

The entire Dominican Republic enjoys a tropical climate, in which temperatures are permanently around 26º. Therefore, every time of the year is good to travel there.

In any case, those who want to ensure good weather and enjoy more of the beaches and all that they offer, the best time to go is the dry season, from December to April.

During these months there is less rain and the temperatures oscillate between 22 and 28º. This is also the high season, so prices also increase during those months.

Where to stay in Bayahibe?

Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic
Bayahibe – Bas Rabeling

Bayahíbe is the image that comes to mind when we think of the Caribbean and, as such, it has a large number of hotels scattered throughout the city, especially on the beachfront.

The city has many resorts with their own private beaches and the typical “all-inclusive” bracelets. The prices are between 60 (the hotels furthest from the beaches) and 300 € per night in the most luxurious hotels.

What to do in Bayahibe?

It is true that the main tourist attraction of this place are its beautiful beaches, but the city is not only that. Here are some of the many things you can do:

1. Know its incredible beaches

Beach in Bayahibe
Bayahibe – Kenny Mitchell /

The main characteristic of these beaches are the warm and calm waters, in addition to their impressive beauty. The two main beaches in the city are Bayahíbe and Dominicus.

Bayahibe beach is the closest to the city. They are 600 meters of white sand and crystal clear water, with hardly any waves and with little depth, so it is great to go with children. In addition, it has a large number of reefs in which to snorkel.

For its part, Dominicus beach is about 6 kilometers from the previous one. They are 1500 meters paradisiacal that form the most typical postcard of the area, with its characteristic coconut trees.

2. Do water activities

Bayahibe seabed
Bayahibe – Kenny Mitchell /

Water activities are one of the great claims of this place, for its transparent and calm waters. Diving or snorkeling is practically mandatory in order to enjoy the incredible seabed, ancient shipwrecks, underwater caves and impressive coral reefs.

Sailing and sailing sports are also very frequent. But really, almost any sports discipline related to water can be practiced here.

3. Go on excursions in the area

Isla Saona near Bayahibe
Saona Island – Hannamariah

In the region where Bayahíbe is located there are numerous cultural attractions that you should visit almost obligatorily. The most recommended are:

  • Saona Island : it is the most popular excursion among tourists, since it has one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.
  • Catalina Island : this will be a mandatory excursion for all those diving lovers who want to enjoy the seabed in the area.
  • Parque Nacional del Este : within the framework of this Park is Bayahíbe, and in it you can enjoy some impressive archaeological caves.

The gastronomy, the nightlife of the city and being able to enjoy the cheerful Caribbean life are other attractions that make Bayahibe a perfect destination. Here you will enjoy a relaxing, sun and beach vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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