Baviera Corners That You Should Not Miss

Baviera corners that you should not miss

Bavaria is one of the most special German states that you will be able to know.  With more than 12 million inhabitants, an impressive infrastructure and a rich history, there are many places that you can visit and enjoy in this magnificent and unforgettable region. Join us on this tour and discover everything that Baviera has for you, are we going?

The magic of Bavaria


Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria
Neuschwanstein castle – canadastock

Neuschwanstein Castle is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in Bavaria. This castle, whose history dates back to 1866, looks like something out of a fairy tale. In fact, if you ever saw the animated classic Sleeping Beauty, you will  surely recognize it, as it served as the inspiration for the Disney movie model.

This fortress has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.  Approximately 1.4 million people visit the castle of the “mad king”, Louis II of Bavaria, who ordered its construction every year. This is the most photographed building in Germany. Would you like to know this fairytale castle?

2. Linderhof

Linderhof Palace in Bavaria
Lindehof Palace – Scirocco340

Linderhof Palace is another of the essential places to visit in Bavaria. It is the smallest castle of the three that Louis II of Bavaria ordered to be built. This beautiful and imposing building was the only one that the king could see completed.

Linderhof has a style very similar to the famous Palace of Versailles, which shows the great admiration that Louis II felt for Louis XIV. The extraordinary beauty of Linderhof has made it one of the most touristic places in the region. Going through it is like feeling in a small version of the French palace, from its main staircase, through the room of mirrors and ending in its beautiful and very elaborate garden.

3. Hohenschwangau

Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria
Hohenschwangau Castle – Yanbal /

Another of the most impressive castles that you will be able to know is that of Hohenschwangau. This fortress, built under Maximilian II of Bavaria, was the home of Louis II during his childhood.

The spectacular Hohenschwangau Castle is located very close to the Austrian border. You should definitely visit it because, in addition to being one of the most impressive constructions that you can visit, you can also enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes that surround the castle.

4. Nuremberg Castle

Nuremberg Castle in Bavaria
Nuremberg Castle – Moss /

If you are passionate about history and castles, you will really enjoy your stay in Bavaria. Continuing with our tour of the most beautiful castles in the region, one of those that you cannot miss is the one in Nuremberg.

This complex is built north of the city of Nuremberg. In addition to the imperial castle, it also includes the municipal buildings of the Imperial City, as well as some of the buildings of the Burgraves of Nuremberg. We recommend that you dedicate a full day to get to know and enjoy this wonderful historical construction.

5. English Garden in Munich

Munich English Garden
English Garden – FooTToo

With more than 4 square kilometers, the English Garden in Munich is one of the largest urban parks in the world, it is even bigger than the famous Central Park in New York. This garden was designed in 1789 and in subsequent years it was expanded by renowned landscapers of the time.

6. Zugspitze

Zugspitze in Bavaria
Zugspitze – Hannes Mauerer /

If you want to delight in breathtaking natural landscapes and at the same time go hiking, you should definitely visit Zugspitze. At more than 2,900 meters high, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany.

There are several ways to get to know the Zugspitze. If you like hiking and have practiced, it may be one of your options, yes, we recommend that you always hire a guide. Another option is to reach the top by cable car or take a train known as the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. Whichever option you choose will make you enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria.

Bavaria is one of the most beautiful and special places you can visit. Going through this wonderful state is like feeling inside your own tale of knights and princesses where castles, palaces and impressive natural landscapes are the true protagonists.

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