Antonini Archaeological Museum: Get Closer To The Nazca Culture

It is a small museum, but it allows you to know much more about one of the great pre-Columbian civilizations of Peru.
Antonini Archaeological Museum: get closer to the Nazca culture

The Antonini Archaeological Museum is one of the best centers in Peru to unravel the secrets of the enigmatic Nazca culture. All lovers of pre-Columbian cultures should come to this place if they are traveling through this country. It is a very educational visit and has two different parts: an exhibition and another in an archaeological park.

Why Antonini Archaeological Museum?

The Italian name of the Antonini Archaeological Museum is evident. And the explanation is very simple. It is a museum project that is the result of several decades of archaeological campaigns carried out by a cultural institute in Italy.

They have developed from 1982 to 2011 the so-called Nasca Project. And with all their findings they created this museum, which you will find in the city of Nazca itself.

The ceremonial center of Cahuachi

Bone remains in the Antonini Museum
Bone remains in the Antonini Museum

Although the Antonini Archaeological Museum is very close to the epicenter of Nazca, its historic Plaza de Armas, the truth is that the collection it exhibits comes from various sites near the town.

Of all of them, the one that has provided the most materials is Cahuachi, a huge ceremonial center built practically entirely with clay.

The archaeological park

But as we say, the archaeological works were also developed in other sites spread along the Nazca river valley, in Peru. Among them, the Bisambra area, where the remains of an aqueduct were found. This great work is discovered in the museum’s archaeological park, which occupies almost 2,000 meters.

In it, you can not only see that marvel of hydraulic engineering that are the Nazca aqueducts, with some fifteen centuries old. They have also recreated what the burials were like for this town, as well as reproductions of their cave paintings.

And of course, there is a space dedicated to its geoglyphs. This is the most mysterious and wonderful cultural manifestation of the Nazca culture, and we can see them in a scale model.

The visit to the Antonini Archaeological Museum

Antonini museum exhibition
Museum Exhibition- VasenkaPhotography /

Those geoglyphs of unknown significance, or the extraordinary aqueducts, are the great emblems of the Nazca culture, one of the most exciting in pre-Columbian America. There are many questions about the Nazca people.

We will hardly ever have an explanation for some of these mysteries. But, for others, the truth is that the Antonini Archaeological Museum has found an answer. And it is that it is a very educational museum and created by archaeologists who are experts on this subject.

Therefore, it is not only interesting to see everything that is exposed. Above all, it is very interesting when reading the explanations that are provided. Actually, in these texts are the great attractions of the visit to the Antonini Archaeological Museum.

The museum rooms

Vessel from the Antonini Archaeological Museum
Museum exhibition – VasenkaPhotography /

To give you an idea of ​​what awaits you in its six rooms, here is a summary of what you will find in each of them :

  • First room: here is an attractive introduction to the field work that has been carried out to create the collection of the Antonini Archaeological Museum.
  • Second room: we will know what the environment was like at the time of the Nazca culture. We also discovered that this region of present-day Peru, at this time, was inhabited by various ancient cultures.
  • Third room: they talk about the geoglyphs and their theories. It also introduces us to the San José and Pueblo Viejo sites. These have contributed many historical objects to this museum.
  • Fourth room: it is dedicated to the ceremonial center of Cahuachi. It shows reconstructions of its peculiar architecture from mud bricks.
  • Fifth room: here the showcases and exhibitors show many of the objects found in Cahuachi. Objects that can be ceramic, made of bone or textiles.
  • Sixth room: collects the material contributed by minor excavations carried out along the Nasca River.

In short, if you want to know more about this ancient culture and the origins of the Peruvian people, this museum in the city of Nazca is a must.

We discover the great wonders of Peru

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