An Unforgettable Holiday In French Brittany

To visit French Brittany is to immerse yourself in villages with a medieval atmosphere and discover places full of legends. We visited some of them.
An unforgettable holiday in French Brittany

Located in the northwest of the country, Brittany is one of the thirteen regions of the French Republic, the third being the least extensive. It is not a very popular destination among travelers. For that reason it has that charm that makes it so special, without crowds or avalanches of tourists. We are going to show you the places that you cannot miss on your holidays in French Brittany.

We want to put at your disposal a small travel itinerary. With it you will enter other times, you will know its gastronomy and, of course, you will discover its beaches. You will not be disappointed!

Holidays in French Brittany

Locronan one of the places to see on a holiday in Brittany
Locronan – Nicolas Vollmer /

To travel to French Brittany is to be transported back to the Middle Ages. The stone constructions and wooden frameworks, immovable with the passage of time; the imposing fortresses, such as that of Fourgères; and the castles that dot the region remind us that there was a time when Britain had to defend itself from numerous turf wars.

On your vacation in Brittany, you will discover small inland towns along its canals ; its characteristic lighthouses, such as those that surround the island of Quessant; or the thick vegetation of forests such as that of Brocèliande, which have inspired many tales and legends.

What to visit in French Brittany

If we have convinced you to enjoy a holiday in French Brittany, get ready to discover medieval villages, seaside villages, castles from different eras, prehistoric monuments, cliffs and lighthouses… Next, we take you to the most beautiful places in this region.

1. Fougères

Fougéres, one of the most beautiful villages in Brittany

Known for hosting one of the largest fortresses in Europe, this city was one of the key points in the fight for the borders of Brittany. The views from Fourgères are unmatched, its walls are impressive as is its old town. Wherever you look, the medieval essence resides throughout the city.

2. Vitré

Vitré Castle in French Brittany
Vitré Castle

Named “The most beautiful corner of France”, Vitré is one of the best preserved cities in French Brittany. It has a medieval style, with old walls, cobbled streets and a majestic church, Notre Dame. An essential appointment to enter another era.

3. Josselin

Josselin Castle in Brittany
Josselin Castle – Daniel Jolivet /

This small medieval village on the banks of the River Oust is one of the most charming in Brittany. In it we can visit the Gothic-style castle or take a walk thanks to the river cruises that are marketed there. Don’t hesitate to come and see Josselin’s oldest house, dating from 1538, with its half-timbered and slate roof.

4. Combourg

Combourg in French Brittany

Its castle, the lake at its feet, the network of its medieval streets and the surrounding vegetation make the village of Combourg a must-see on your holidays in Brittany. For incredible views, climb the Torre del Gato, one of the castle’s four towers.

5. Ouessant

Ouesant coast
Ouessant Coast – “André M” –

It is one of the islands of the archipelago with the same name that is located 30 kilometers from the tip of Saint-Mathieu.

Its main charm is that it is delimited by beautiful cliffs and a multitude of lighthouses  that its ancient inhabitants built to help sailors find the coast. You can also find typical rural houses of the time that are still inhabited by farmers and ranchers today.

6. Brocéliande

Broceliande Forest
Brocéliande Forest – Zabara Alexander /

This impressive forest is full of tales and ancient legends, a place to find inspiration. It is said that it was the place where the wizard Merlin and the knight of Lancelot lived. These stories can be learned through the different guided routes.

Some of the things that await us: Comper Castle, occupied in the 9th century by King Solomon; or cross the valley of “Never to return”, with its famous pond of the Mirror of the Fairies or the Fountain of Youth.

7. Carnac

Menhirs in Carnac
Menhirs in Carnac

This place concentrates the largest number of megalithic monuments in the world, with more than 2,900 menhirs, erected between 6,000 and 2,000 BC. The largest of them, 7 meters high, is the Giant of Manio, slightly apart from the others. A true show that we cannot miss.

Brittany gastronomy

You cannot spend a vacation in French Brittany without tasting its gastronomy. Breton cuisine has great influences, both from its extensive sea coast and from the hinterland. We can highlight the seafood, such as mussels, scallops or oysters, thanks to the marked presence of the sea.

For those with a sweet tooth, we will also find a large number of creperies throughout the region, highlighting the crêpes and galettes , a kind of pizza to which you can add any ingredient. You can’t leave without trying one!

We travel to Rennes, the capital of Brittany

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