A Walk Through The Medieval City Of Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. A city with medieval airs that preserves a treasure: the oldest wooden bridge in Europe.
A walk through the medieval city of Lucerne

The beautiful medieval city of Lucerne, in Switzerland, falls in love with its charm. Just take a walk through it to discover all the treasures it houses. As a help, and so that you do not lose detail, we will discover everything that you cannot miss or do in this wonderful place. Are you accompanying us on this tour? You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Sights of the medieval city of Lucerne

Chapel Bridge in the medieval city of Lucerne
Chapel Bridge

Lucerne can boast of having the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. It is also the second longest with its almost one hundred and five meters in length.

It is the Chapel Bridge or Kappellbrücke, which dates back to 1365 and connects the old city with the new. A bridge that also stands out for its roof, whose paintings show part of the history of the city.

In addition to this, in its central part is one of the symbols of Lucerne: the Water Tower or Wasserturm. It is an octagonal construction of more than thirty meters high that has had numerous functions throughout history: treasury, prison, torture room … Today it is the headquarters of the Artillery Association.

Other highlights

Lion of Lucerne
Lion of Lucerne

One of the most symbolic places in the city is the monument to the Lion of Lucerne.  It is a sculpture sculpted in stone and made in 1821 in honor of the bravery of the Swiss Guard. Seven hundred mercenaries died in 1792 during the French Revolution when they were defending the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

There are other must-see places, such as the Old Town Hall, which has two clocks and follows the patterns of the Florentine style. Also not to be missed is the wall, which surrounded the medieval city of Lucerne and contained thirty towers; or the Hofkirche, a church built in the early seventeenth century on an old Romanesque basilica.

Finally, we stop at the Wine Market square, one of the oldest places in the medieval city of Lucerne. This was the scene of the alliance of Lucerne with the cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. The space is surrounded by beautiful buildings and dominated by a Gothic fountain, the Weinmarktbrunnen.

Art and culture in the medieval city of Lucerne

KKL Luzern at night
KKL Luzern

The medieval city of Lucerne has even more sights, such as its museums. Of all of them, the best known is the Swiss Museum of Transport. In fact, it is the most visited in Switzerland. It houses a large collection of locomotives, cars, ships and airplanes, as well as exhibits on telecommunications.

But Lucerne is closely linked to art and culture in all its manifestations. Here you will find the KKL Luzern, the concert hall with the best acoustics in Europe. A building designed by the architect Jean Nouvel that offers magnificent views of the entire city.

What to do in the medieval city of Lucerne

Costumes at the Lucerne Carnival
Lucerne Carnival

In addition to taking a walk to enjoy all the monuments of the medieval city you can do other activities. One of the essential appointments is its famous carnival.

It is the largest in the country after Basel and is the most important festival in Lucerne. The celebration, in which he does not stop laughing and dancing, lasts six days and has improvised musical bands among its key elements.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of it to get to know the forests that surround Lucerne.  They are full of vegetation and they are inhabited by numerous animals such as deer.

And we must not forget that the city is located in the area of ​​the Swiss Alps, near Mount Pilatus, a mountainous massif almost always covered by snow. Those who dare can climb to the top.

From there you can not only see Lucerne, but also the natural wonders of the area. The Lake of the Four Cantons stands out, known as the Central Swiss Sea due to its one hundred and fourteen square kilometers of water. Water that comes from the melting of glaciers.

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