A Visit To The Sierra De Cebollera Natural Park

Just 50 kilometers from Logroño, this natural park hides waterfalls, forests and charming villages.
A visit to the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park

Beyond the beautiful beaches and corners of the coast, in the interior of Spain beautiful landscapes and places await us that are worth visiting. If you are thinking of taking a different trip or if you want to enjoy the autumn colors, a good place is the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park. It is located in La Rioja, just 50 kilometers from Logroño. Are you going to miss it?

Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park, beauty between mountains

The Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park is a natural space located in the Iberian System. In total, it has an area of ​​23,000 hectares, including the entire Sierra de Cebollera.

Sierra de Cebollera
Sierra de Cebollera

The origins of the Sierra de Cebollera are glaciers. Its surroundings are formed by dense wild forests of pine, beech and oak, also by streams, waterfalls and waterfalls around.

As for its mountains, there is a list of high-altitude peaks, such as Cebollera, with 2,164 meters. It is also worth mentioning the Alto de Cueva Mayor, with 2,138 meters; La Mesa, with 2163; and also the rock of Santocenarrio and the Castle of Vinuesa, with 2,000 meters.

Regarding the fauna, it is inhabited by partridges, deer, wild boar and raptors. Some species that live there are unique, so the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park area contributes to preserving biodiversity.

How to get to the natural park?

Sierra de Cebollera
Sierra de Cebollera – Shemsu.Hor / Flickr.com

There are many points where you can start your visit. From Logroño, along the N-111 road you will reach Villoslada de Cameros, one of the closest municipalities. In the town there is an interpretation center of the park. There are exhibitions, screenings and workshops and very fun activities.

If, on the other hand, you come from Soria, you have to pass the port of Piqueras until you reach Lumbrales, following the same road N-111. Throughout the area there are many more charming towns. In them there are rural houses where you can spend an excellent stay surrounded by nature.

What to do there?

In addition to enjoying the interpretation center in Villoslada de Cameros, the Cebollera Natural Park is the perfect place for hiking and walking routes. You have several options, all of them designed to fully enjoy the nature of the place.

Hiking trails

Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park in autumn
Sierra de Cebollera in autumn

For example, one of the most recommended routes is that of the waterfalls. It lasts two hours and the route is about 7 kilometers. Along this route you will surround an area of ​​waterfalls that you will love.

Another route, perhaps a bit more difficult, is that of the Cebollera lagoon. It is 13.8 kilometers long and it takes just over three hours to do it. After the tour you will arrive at the Cebollera lagoon, the star point of the trip and which will be worth reaching after a hard journey.

Visit charming towns

Snow of Cameros
Nieva de Cameros – manuel / Flickr.com

If you prefer quieter options to let yourself be carried away by the natural environment, in the middle of the Sierra de Cebollera there are many charming towns eager to be discovered.

This is the case of Lumbreras, where you can enjoy its well-preserved stone houses, hermitages and churches. Its cobbled streets will make you feel as if you were in the Middle Ages.

In addition, very close to Lumbreras is the Pajares reservoir. The landscape that forms is fascinating: crystal clear and clean water surrounded by mountains and autumn forests.

Tips for traveling to the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park

Cebollera Lagoon
Cebollera Lagoon – Victor Salvador Vilariño / Wikimedia Commons

If you are already clear that you want to visit this Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park, we advise you to take advantage of the autumn. It is when the trees take on that special orange hue, a beautiful landscape. In addition, you can take advantage of the season to catch mushrooms.

For the rest, we recommend you to go with comfortable clothes, especially footwear in case you want to do a route on foot. Remember to bring food and water to hold the road, as well as your camera to capture the landscapes.

But above all, get ready for an unforgettable trip to the heart of one of the best preserved natural landscapes in Spain! In addition, in this natural park there are plenty of activities and beautiful places to see. After knowing the Sierra de Cebollera, we are sure that you will never forget it. Enjoy your trip!

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