A Route Around The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an excellent starting point to enjoy Berlin, as some of the great attractions of the city are close to it.
A route around the Brandenburg Gate

When one thinks of Berlin, the first thing that comes to mind is the Brandenburg Gate, undoubtedly its most famous monument. And it is, in fact, a good starting point to discover other treasures of the city. This is what we want to do, we are going to walk around the Brandenburg Gate. What will we find on the way?

Why visit Berlin

Berlin television tower
Berlin television tower

If you like history and places where you will experience many sensations just by setting foot, you should visit Berlin. In addition, the German capital is characterized by its lively atmosphere and its varied cultural offer.

On the other hand, Berlin has a fairly visitor-friendly tourist center and transport is comfortable, predominantly cycling, a very popular means here. In the city you have many places to rent for a price that does not usually exceed 20 euros.

You can tour the city by bicycle, but if the weather is good, you can also do it on foot to soak up its atmosphere. And if you want something more comfortable, you can opt for a tourist bus tour. They are different ways of enjoying the city.

The surroundings of the Brandenburg Gate

Given that Berlin is wonderful, it is worth visiting its most outstanding corners. Some of them are in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, to get to others you will have to take a little walk, but it will be worth it.

Remains of the Berlin Wall

Topography of Terror in Berlin
Topography of Terror

Only a few remains of the Berlin Wall remain. You can see a part of it in the Topography of Terror, a 15-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate. In the place where the SS headquarters was today there is a documentation center where you will learn more about the horror of the Nazi era and where you can see remains of the wall

But if you want to see the most famous part that remains, you should go to the East Side Gallery. Here the walls were painted by visual artists, some of them making the most provocative designs. Of course, you will have to look for means of transport, since it is quite far from the Brandenburg Gate.

German parliament

Reichstag in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate
German parliament

It is an imposing building that was built at the end of the 19th century and it is one of the greatest attractions that you can visit around the Brandenburg Gate. And it’s also a great way to learn about some of the most important chapters in German history of the last century.

Admission is free, but before that, you need to make a reservation. This is done on their website. Climbing its glass dome, the work of Norman Foster, is essential.

Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust

Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial

A free access site that was raised to remember the millions of people who were victims of the Holocaust. It is located very close to the Brandenburg Gate and the German Parliament.

The monument is made up of more than 2,700 concrete blocks that have different heights. In the information center, you will also find a room where you can read the names and ages of the victims.

The Museum Island

Bode Museum in Berlin
Bode Museum

It is located in the city center, about a 20 minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate. It is surrounded by the river Spree and in it  we can see authentic treasures such as  the bust of Nefertiti or the altar of Pergamum.

It is worth spending a few hours visiting one of these museums. You can buy a card that allows you to enter all of them for three days and whose price is around 30 euros.

As you can see, in the surroundings of the Brandenburg Gate it is possible to visit some of the most outstanding places in Berlin. Of course, you must also admire how this monument deserves, which has suffered looting, bombings, which has been almost forgotten and which today is displayed in all its splendor.

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