A Journey On The Centenary Train From Palma To Sóller

An old electric train, wonderful landscapes and two charming cities. It is what allows you to discover this unique route.
A journey on the centenary train from Palma to Sóller

Today we want to talk about a tourist activity in which the destination is not as important as the journey itself. We suggest you travel on an old electric train that connects Palma de Mallorca with the coastal town of Sóller, in the northwest of the island. A train that for more than 100 years has traveled part of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Travelers to the train!

Sóller train
Sóller Train – Anna Lurye

Palma de Mallorca, with its splendid Gothic cathedral, the Almudaina palace, the palatial courtyards of its historic center or its busy Plaza Mayor is a monumental place in itself. But among these monuments you also have to go to the Sóller railway station , next to the Plaza de España.

This building was built expressly for the travelers of this railway line, which began to operate neither more nor less than in 1912. And, still today it is still in use with several daily routes that save the scarce 30 kilometers of distance between Palma and Sóller. Of course, investing in each trip an hour’s journey through the heart of the largest of the Balearic Islands.

The pleasure of the train to Sóller

Sòller's train
Antonio Gil / Flickr.com

The account could not be simpler, the train travels at 30 kilometers per hour. A very low speed, but ideal for traveling with delight, with the same sensations that were done in other times. A leisurely pace in which one can lean out of the train window and contemplate the panorama in complete tranquility, while feeling the breeze from the mountains.

But not only the speed of the railway to Sóller is typical of another era, the entire train is. Its wooden furniture, the upholstery of the seats, its porcelain fixtures, its brass handles, its sliding doors … A train like the one seen in the movies, but here we can live in the first person and make our particular journey in time.

Touring the Sierra de Tramuntana

Sóller train
Matthias Buehler / Flickr.com

Before the railway was opened, the inhabitants of Sóller had a long and tortuous journey through the mountains  when they wanted to travel to the island’s capital. A Sierra de Tramuntana that does not have peaks at great heights, but it does have a broken and twisty landscape that makes the roads involve very long journeys.

Today, those driving characteristics become torture. But on the other hand, they are ideal routes to travel by bicycle, which is so popular on the island of Mallorca.

However, the most comfortable way to travel the relief of the Tramuntana mountain range is to do it on this Sóller Railway, which traces the path in a straight line and allows you to calmly visualize the rugged terrain.

And even, all the train routes make a stop in the heart of that mountain range. In this way, travelers can get off for a few minutes at the Pujol d’en Banya viewpoint and thus admire those places even more.

Arrival in Sóller

Sóller train
Gerard – Nicolas Mannes / Flickr.com

After crossing the mountain landscape, we finally see the Mediterranean Sea in the distance again, and the town of Sóller is waiting for us there. In it, it is highly recommended to take a walk through its historic center, where the Ca’n Prunera Museum stands out, with a practically contemporary train building and modernist-inspired architecture.

But it must be said that Sóller is not on the shore of the sea. As is usual in other Majorcan towns such as Alcudia, for example, the maritime area is a few kilometers away and is called Port de Sóller.

Fortunately to get there, the same train ticket can be used to take a tram at the train station itself. This tram is also centenary and equally electric, in addition to being the only one of its kind that exists on the Balearic island.

So it becomes the ideal complement to this unique trip, in which, as we said at the beginning, the most important thing is not the destination, but moving, traveling and enjoying the journey.

The most charming trams

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