8 European Cities To Visit By Bike

8 European cities to visit by bike

One of the means of transport that most like when it comes to sightseeing is the bike, regardless of whether you are in rural areas or in large cities. In fact, there is currently a tendency to practice cycle tourism, especially to visit rural or coastal areas. Here we tell you which are the cities in Europe that are worth visiting while pedaling.

1. Bordeaux, France

Bicycles in Bordeaux
Bordeaux – Goodluz

Do you like good gastronomy, wines and long bike rides? Then you have to visit Bordeaux, a town located in the southwest of France. This city has no less than 200 kilometers of bike lanes. 

And if you feel up to it and are in good shape, you can see much more than the quiet and picturesque streets of Bordeaux. A fantastic option to enjoy cycling is to do the wine route  and stop at the “chateaux”.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Bicycles in Copenhagen
Copenhagen -Telia

Copenhagen is designed for cyclists. Every day more than half of its population can be seen, using the bicycle to go to work or take the children to school.

There is so much movement on the bike that the traffic lights in the city have adjusted to the rhythm and flow of the cyclists. Here the bicycle is more than a means of transport, it is a way of life. You can buy hot coffee, pancakes and even sushi from the two-wheeled street stalls.

3. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Bicycles for rent in Barcelona
Barcelona – Alberto Masnovo

Its network of bike lanes and its public bicycle rental system have transformed the landscape of Barcelona in just a few years. In addition, at the end of 2014, the electric bicycle was incorporated into its public rental network.

If you want to visit Barcelona and tour its modernist buildings, you can rent a bicycle from one of the many companies there are for it. Of course, you can only use the bike lane to move around it on two wheels.

4. Lyon, France

Lyon – prochasson frederic

Lyon is the only European city that has the Vélo’v system. It has 4,000 bicycles spread over 345 stations, available every day of the year.

In the consoles installed in the terminals, or through its website, you can buy a ticket for 1 or 7 days. You can pay by credit card, which must have a balance greater than 150 euros (a figure that will be charged as a guarantee deposit in case of theft or loss of the bicycle). The first half hour will be free and, if it exceeds this period, you will have to pay an additional cost.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Cyclists in Prague
Prague – vicspacewalker

At Homeport Prague they make all kinds of bicycles available to their users : classic bicycles (without gears or with 3-5-7 gears), some special ones for those who go shopping and they also have electric bicycles.

The city has 185 kilometers dedicated to the use of the bike  and there are well-defined and signposted tourist circuits that run through the main monuments of the city.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin – Ollyy

Berlin has 620 kilometers of bike lanes  and has priority routes for cyclists. The maximum speed of cars is 30 kilometers per hour, so it is quite safe for cyclists.

Among the bicycle rental options, the one that stands out at the agreed point and for a symbolic amount you can have a bike if at the end of the day you commit to return it.

7. Milan, Italy

Bicycles parked in Milan
Milan – aragami12345s

In Milan there is a public bicycle rental service, BikeMi, created to promote the mobility of citizens between strategic points in the city.

To have one of its 3,500 bikes, you have to subscribe and pay a weekly  or daily subscription  and pay an additional fee if you use more than 30 minutes. Registration can be done through the website, by calling a free phone number or at one of the stations’ panels and payment will be made through a credit card.

8. Vienna, Austria

Bicycles in Vienna
Vienna – Rrrainbow

In Vienna we have the Citybike Wien service that has just turned 10 years in operation and its 100 stations have taken over the entire city. The service has been so successful that it already has 350,000 users.

The first hour will be free while the second will cost you 1 euro. Tourists wishing to cycle through Vienna will have to book in advance on the tourism website or at the terminal and pay 1 euro, which will be returned at the time the bike is returned.

If you like to move around the world by bicycle, these cities will be paradise for you. But remember that in Europe there are many other cities in which the two wheels occupy a preferential space.

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