7 Very Useful Tips If You Are A Woman And You Travel Alone

Unfortunately, the world is a little more unsafe for women. If you are traveling alone, don’t forget this. Build your confidence, apply common sense, and take some reasonable precautions to avoid problems.
7 very useful tips if you are a woman and you travel alone

Yes, we are in the XXI century, women are empowered and independent. There are fewer and fewer limits and more opportunities. However, if you are a woman traveling alone, it is important that you take some precautions. It is not about filling yourself with fear, but about being smart and cautious.

Unfortunately, social and technological advances do not prevent thieves in many places. And a single woman, in a strange place, is a relatively easy potential victim for them.

There are also men who have not heard about the transformations of the world and will want to impose themselves on a woman who is alone. This is especially evident in some countries.

You cannot always count on local authorities. Therefore, it is good that if you travel alone you understand that, basically, you are going on your own. It is highly likely that you will not have any inconvenience, but it is never enough that you are prepared in case an unpleasant situation arises. Take these tips into account.

1. If you travel alone, find out very well

Woman traveling alone at the airport

Remember: you go on your own. Do not settle for a standardized travel guide, especially if you are heading to a destination that you know little about. Do some more research. Find out about local customs and dangerous places. Seek advice from other travelers and write down the relevant data associated with any risk.

2. Plan well the transportation issue

There are places and places. In some places, transport is very scarce. In this way, if you miss the bus, the train or the plane, you would have to stay several days in the same place. This could significantly alter your plans.

In those cases, always have a “plan B” on hand. You may have to go to an intermediate destination or use another means of transport. Don’t let this take you by surprise.

3. Be wary of seducers if you travel alone

Traveler with a map

As a general rule, it is not a good idea to flirt if you are traveling alone. Sure you can meet a lot of nice people, but don’t rush. In particular, be wary of men or women who approach you with sudden interest and flirtation.

This is especially true if it happens in a bar or a fun place. If someone approaches you with the intention of sympathizing, ask for their details and give them time.

4. In the event of an anomaly, take some time to think

It happens that many times Murphy’s law is imposed. For example, you had everything ready to go on a tour on a bus with 20 other passengers and suddenly you are picked up in a car. There are only one other couple of passengers. It is one of those sudden situations that puts you in a quandary.

They tell you that there is no problem and perhaps you accept easily. Better not. Faced with these kinds of sudden situations that change something, take a few minutes to think. Analyze the situation and do not make sudden changes if you see that it is not completely safe.

5. Strengthen your character and don’t be afraid to be unkind

If you travel alone, you are going to have a great opportunity to assert yourself. But you must be willing to say “no” and enforce your criteria, if necessary. Remember that you are worth a lot and that you can be wrong, but you always have to act according to what you feel, think and believe.

6. Choose your seats wisely

Bus full of passengers

In an airplane there is a lot of control because it is a small and very standardized space. The same is not true on a bus or a train. So, if you are traveling alone, it is best to choose a seat that is close to the exit, that you can share with another girl or that is very visible in any case.

Choosing the secluded corners is not a good idea. Neither do the shared dormitories of trains, in which you go alone. Better pay a private compartment or move to another where there are families.

7. If you travel alone, don’t drink and spend a little more

Drunkenness puts you in a more vulnerable state. You cannot react at the same speed and you are also less aware of the consequences of your actions. Getting drunk is a bad decision if you travel alone. One beer or one glass is not a problem, but several are.

When traveling alone, safety is a priority. There are situations where it is worth spending a little more. For example, instead of walking through deserted places at night, you’d better take a taxi. And don’t stay in the cheapest place in the area, as it might not offer enough guarantees. Don’t save on your self-care.

5 reasons why a woman should travel alone

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